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Current Affairs 21 May 2024

In Current Affairs for 21 May 2024, we will see the latest national and international current affairs news. These important current affairs will be beneficial for your upcoming NDA, CDS,...

In Current Affairs for 21 May 2024, we will see the latest national and international current affairs news. These important current affairs will be beneficial for your upcoming NDA, CDS, CDS OTA, AFCAT, TA, Agniveer Army, Agniveer Navy, Agniveer Air Force, Women Military Police, INET, MNS, ACC exams, SCO, PCSL, CAPF, and SSB interviews, and direct entries for Army, Navy, and Air Force like SSC Tech, TGC, JAG, NCC, TES, 10+2 Cadet. Download a PDF file about current events at the end of this article. Let us now see the Current Affairs.

Current Affairs 21 May 2024

Competition Commission Of India

  • Attorney General of India R. Venkataramani emphasised that all competition regulators worldwide are grappling with the emerging trends of digital markets.
  • He was addressing the gathering at the event organised to commemorate the 15th Foundation Day of the Competition Commission of India in New Delhi.
  • Mr. Venkataramani said, privacy and data have now assumed greater importance in the competition discourse.
image 648
  • Competition Commission of India (CCI) is a statutory body of the Government of India responsible for enforcing the Competition Act, 2002, it was duly constituted in March 2009.
image 649
  • The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969 (MRTP Act) was repealed and replaced by the Competition Act, 2002, on the recommendations of the Raghavan committee.
  • The Commission consists of one Chairperson and six Members who shall be appointed by the Central Government. The commission is a quasi-judicial body which gives opinions to statutory authorities and also deals with other cases. The Chairperson and other Members shall be whole-time Members.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

  • Indian spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar received the first stamp released commemorating the completion of 200 years of Indian Origin Tamils in Sri Lanka. Governor of the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka Senthil Thondaman presented the stamp to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
image 650
  • The stamp is a way to attain recognition for the community which has been neglected for decades. He thanked the Indian government as well as the Sri Lankan government for the assistance given to the IOT community.
  • Ravi Shankar Was Born As Ravi Shankar On 13 May 1956 In Papanasam, Tamil Nadu. He Is Referred As Sri Sri (Honorific) Or As Guruji.
  • He Is Founder Of Humanitarian And Educational Ngo Called Art Of Living Foundation Established In 1981. The NGO Aims To Relieve Individual Stress, Societal Problems, And Violence.
image 651

Ronaldo Tops Forbes’ List

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, despite nearing the twilight of his career, has secured the top spot on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid athletes.
  • His significant earnings in Saudi Arabia have propelled him to this position for the fourth time. According to Forbes, Ronaldo amassed an astonishing $260 million over the past year.
image 652
  • This figure includes $200 million from his contract with Saudi club Al-Nassr and an additional $60 million from off-field activities.
  • The 39-year-old’s financial success is unparalleled among his peers, highlighting his enduring marketability and skill.
  • Ronaldo’s move to Al-Nassr in January 2023 marked a significant shift, not just for his career but also for Saudi Arabian sports. His presence has helped elevate the profile of the Saudi Pro League, which has seen Al-Nassr finishing second this season. Ronaldo is among four Saudi-based soccer players in the top 50 highest-paid athletes, indicating the country’s increasing influence in global sports.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer) – $260 million
  • Jon Rahm (golf) – $218 million
  • Lionel Messi (soccer) – $135 million
  • LeBron James (basketball) – $128.2 million
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo (basketball) – $111 million
  • Kylian Mbappé (soccer) – $110 million
  • Neymar (soccer) – $108 million
  • Karim Benzema (soccer) – $106 million
  • Steph Curry (basketball) – $102 million
  • Lamar Jackson (football) – $100.5 million

First Country to Lose All Glaciers

  • Venezuela has recently witnessed a poignant environmental milestone, marking a grim reality of the climate crisis. The nation has likely become the first in modern history to lose all its glaciers, with the reclassification of the Humboldt glacier as an ice field, its final icy vestige, earlier this month.
image 653
  • This event serves as a stark reminder that climate change is not a distant threat but an urgent crisis demanding immediate action.
  • Once home to six glaciers nestled in the Andes mountains at approximately 5,000 meters above sea level, Venezuela saw the disappearance of five by 2011.
  • Scientists initially estimated that the Humboldt glacier would endure for another decade, but its rapid melting has defied expectations.
image 654
  • Now reduced to less than 2 hectares, the Humboldt’s downgrade from a glacier to an ice field underscores the alarming pace of glacial retreat.
  • For nations like Venezuela, glacier loss represents not only an environmental crisis but also a cultural tragedy. Glaciers hold deep cultural significance, shaping regional identities and supporting activities like mountaineering and tourism. The loss of these icy landmarks reverberates beyond environmental concerns, profoundly affecting communities’ way of life.

World’s Top 15 Super Rich

  • Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani have made it to the top 15 world’s super-rich list of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.
  • This marks a significant achievement, especially for Gautam Adani, who reclaimed his position after losing it in 2023 due to short selling in his company’s stock.
  • Notably, for the first time, all individuals in the top 15 have a net worth of $100 billion or more.
  • Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), is ranked 12th with a wealth of $110 billion. RIL operates across various sectors including petrochemicals, oil and gas, telecom, retail, and financial services, making Ambani one of the wealthiest individuals globally.
image 655
  • Gautam Adani, with a wealth of $100 billion, is ranked 14th. Adani Group’s business interests span ports, airports, power generation and transmission, green energy, edible oils, cement, and real estate.
  • After a challenging year in 2023 due to accusations from Hindenburg Research and a subsequent sharp decline in his company’s stock prices, Adani’s fortunes rebounded.
  • The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the Supreme Court cleared his name, leading to a resurgence in share prices driven by foreign investment.
  • Bettencourt Meyers, owner of the famous L’Oreal company, has become the first woman to achieve a net worth of $100 billion.
  • Her wealth reached $101 billion, placing her 14th on the list, due to L’Oreal’s share price recording its best year since 1998. This milestone marks a significant achievement in gender representation among the world’s wealthiest.

World Para Athletics Championships

  • The Indian team picked up its first medals in the World Para Athletics Championships with high jumper Nishad Kumar and 200 metres runner Preethi Pal winning a silver and bronze in Kobe, Japan.
  • Kumar, a Tokyo Paralympics silver medallist, cleared 1.99 metres to finish second in the men’s T47 high jump final and pick up India’s first medal on the third day of competitions. American Roderick Townsend won the gold with a jump of 2.05 metres.
image 656

Asian Athletic Relay Championship

  • Indian Mixed team broke the national record at the ongoing Asian Athletic Relay Championships 2024 Bangkok in Thailand.
  • The team comprising Muhammad Ajmal, Jyothika Sri, Amoj Jacob and Subha Venkatesan won gold in the 4x400m event. 
image 657
  • Sri Lanka and Vietnam won silver and bronze in the event. The quartet are out of the two spots available for the Paris Olympics via the rankings route at the moment and are in the 21st place in the Road to Paris list of World Athletics while the aim was to be either in the 15th or 16th spot.

Deepthi Jeevanji

  • Twenty-year old Deepthi Jeevanji smashed the world record in the women’s 400m T20 and grabbed her first gold at the World Para Athletics Championships at Kobe in Japan.
  • Deepthi clocked 55.07 seconds, breaking American Breanna Clark’s earlier world record of 55.12 seconds, which she had set during last year’s edition of the championships in Paris.
image 658
  • The T20 classification is for athletes who have intellectual impairment. Aysel Onder of Turkey finished second with 55.19 seconds followed by Lizanshela Angulo of Ecuador on third with 56.68 seconds.
  • Later, Yogesh Kathuniya won the silver in the Men’s Discus Throw F56 Final with a season’s best mark of 41.80 meter. On Day three, Preethi Pal won a bronze medal in the Women’s 200m T35 final while Nishad Kumar bagged silver in Men’s High Jump T47 with an impressive season-best mark of 1.99 meters. India has won four medals so far- one gold, two silver and a bronze.

Current Affairs 21 May 2024 Question

  1. First Country To Loose All Glaciers
    A. Venezuela
    B. Iceland
    C. Norway
    D. Denmark
  2. CCI Consists Of A ………… Appointed By The Central Government
    A. Chairperson and six Members
    B. Director and 6 Members
    C. Director and 4 Members
    D. Chairperson and 4 Members
  3. Monopolies And Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969 (“The MRTP Act”) Is
    Replaced By The Competition Act, 2002, With Effect From
    A. September 1, 2008.
    B. September 1, 2003.
    C. September 1, 2009.
    D. September 1. 2002
  4. Which Country Was Declared Host Of Women’s World Cup 2027
    A. Brazil
    B. India
    C. Australia
    D. South Africa
  5. How Much Of World’s Coral Reefs Have Bleached In The Past Year
    A. 55%
    B. 60%
    C. 70%
    D. 80%
  6. Where Was The ‘India’s Progressive Path In The Administration Of Criminal Justice System’ Conference Held
    A. Chennai
    B. New Delhi
    C. Guwahati
    D. Bhopal
  7. International Finance Corporation Provided $500 Million Loan To Which Bank For Providing Microloans To Women In Rural Areas
    A. HDFC bank
    B. Axis bank
    C. ICICI bank
    D. UCO bank
  8. What Is ‘Dyson Sphere’
    A. A new space telescope
    B. A hypothetical engineering project to harness a star’s energy
    C. A fleet of solar-powered satellites
    D. A black hole theory
  9. Which Organization Of India Recently Organized #Playtrue Campaign To Create Awareness About Clean Sports
    A. National Anti-Doping Agency
    B. National Sports Federation
    C. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports
    D. National Sports Organisation
  10. Kanwar Lake Located In Which State
    A. Uttar Pradesh
    B. Haryana
    C. Bihar
    D. Odisha
  11. What is RoseTTAFold
    A. New species of fish
    B. Nuclear Ballistic Submarine
    C. Asteroid
    D. An AI software prediction tool
  12. Mpumalanga Province Is Located In Which Country
    A. Japan
    B. Canada
    C. China
    D. South Africa
  13. Mobility Arrangement For Talented Early-Professionals Scheme Is A Bilateral
    Framework Between India And Which Country
    A. Australia
    B. Russia
    C. Ukraine
    D. France
  14. What is ‘SPECULOOS-3 b’
    A. Earth-size exoplanet
    B. Submarine
    C. Aircraft carrier
    D. Invasive plant
  15. Where Was An Inaugural Summit On Clean Cooking In Africa Held
    A. New York
    B. London
    C. Paris
    D. New Delhi
  16. Which Institution Has Approved A USD 148.5 Million Loan To Enhance Power
    Supply In Sikkim
    A. Asian Development Bank (ADB)
    B. Eurasian Development Bank (EDB)
    C. European Central Bank (ECB)
    D. World Bank
  17. TAK-003, a live attenuated dengue vaccine, is developed by which country
    A. Japan
    B. Greece
    C. Mexico
    D. Indonesia
  18. Global Report On Internal Displacement (GRID) 2024, Recently Published By Which Organization
    A. International organization for Migration
    B. Geneva based Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
    C. World Meteorological Organization
    D. World Bank
  19. Igla- S Defence System Is Developed By Which Country
    A. Russia
    B. China
    C. Israel
    D. Japan
  20. Kadar Tribes Mainly Belongs To Which Region Of India
    A. Northeastern India
    B. South India
    C. Western ghats
    D. Northern India

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