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EKT 1 2015 Mechanical question paper

On 22nd Feb 2015 aspirants willing to join India Air Force gave their engineering knowledge test EKT 1 2015 conducted at National level. In EKT basically few streams engineering are included – EEE/ECE (electrical engineering/ electronics and communication engineering), CSE/IT (computer science engineering/ information technology) and Mechanical. In this article we will have a look on the questions that were asked in the EKT 1 2015 Mechanical question paper.

EKT 1 2015 Mechanical question paper syllabus:

Questions asked in the EKT 1 2015 question paper were came from the following sixteen topics:

Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Graphics/ Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Theory of Machines, Fluid mechanics/Hydraulic Machines, Manufacturing Science, Materials Science, Machine Drawing, Automotive Engineering, Power Plant Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Flight Mechanics, Aircraft Structures, Aerodynamics.

EKT 1 2015 Mechanical question paper pattern

  • EKT 1 2015 mechanical was a single section question paper in which 50 questions were asked.
  • All the 50 questions were multiple choice questions.
  • Each question in EKT 1 2015 Mechanical question paper was of 3 marks.
  • Total test was of 300 marks and 1/3rd negative marking was applied on each wrong answer
  • Total time allotted to solve the paper was 45 minutes

Download EKT 1 2015 Mechanical question paperEKT-1-2015-Mechanical-question-paper

Below given are the sample questions of EKT 1 2015 Mechanical question paper, SSBCrack Exams will soon be launching the answer for the set.

Q11. A bar of length ‘L’ meters extended by ‘l’ mm under a tensile force of ‘P’. Then the strain produce in the bar is

(a) l/L

(b) 0.1 l/L

(c) 0.01 l/L

(d) 0.001 l/L

Q12. A rod is enclosed centrally in a tube and the assembly is tightened by rigid washers. If the assembly is subjected to a compressive load, then

(a) rod is under compression

(b) tube is under compression

(c) both rod and tube are under compression

(d) tube is under tension and rod is under compression

Q13. The shear force and bending moment are zero at the free end of a cantilever beam, if it carries a

(a) Point load at the free end

(b) Point load at the middle of its length

(c) Uniformly distributed load over the whole length

(d)None of the above

Q14. The moment of resistance of a balanced reinforced concrete beam is based on the stresses in

(a) Steel only

(b) Concrete only

(c) Steel and concrete both

(d) None of the above

Q15. In a flange coupling, the figures are coupled together by means of

(a) Bolts and nuts

(b) Studs

(c) Headless taper bolts

(d) Al of the above

Q16. A transmission shaft includes

(a) Counter shaft

(b) Line shaft

(c) Over head shaft

(d) All of the above

Q17. A locking device in which the bottom cylindrical portion is recessed to receive the tip of the locking set screw, is called

(a) castle nut

(b) jam nut

(c) ring nut

(d) sawn nut

Q18. In a venturiflume, the flow takes place at

(a) atmospheric pressure

(b) gauge pressure

(c) absolute pressure

(d) none of the above

Q19. The total pressure on the top of a closed cylindrical vessel completely filled up with a liquid is

(a) directly proportional to (radius)2

(b) inversely proportional to (radius)2

(c) directly proportional to (radius)4

(d) inversely proportional to (radius)4

Q20. When the Mach number is more than 6, the flow is called

(a) subsonic flow

(b) sonic flow

(c) supersonic flow

(d) hyper sonic flow

Q21. The discharge through a convergent mouthpiece is _______ the discharge through an internal mouthpiece of the same diameter and head of water.

(a) equal to

(b) one-half

(c) three-fourth

(d) double

Q22. Which of the following statement is wrong?

(a) The spheroidising process is usually applied to high carbon tool steels which are difficult to machine

(b) In spheroidising process, the cementite in the granular form is produced in the structure of steel

(c) The annealing process causes complete recrystallization in steels which have been severely cold worked and a new grain structure is formed.

(d) None of the above

Q23. Duplex process of steel making is a combination of

(a) Basic bessemer and acid open hearth processes

(b) acid bessemer and basic open hearth processes

(c) acid bessemer and acid open hearth processes

(d) basic bessemer and basic open hearth processes

Q24. The property of a material necessary of forgings, in stamping images on coins and ornamental work is

(a) elasticity

(b) plasticity

(c) ductility

(d) malleability

Q25. A ladder is resting on a smooth ground and learning against a rough vertical wall. The force of fiction will act

(a) towards the wall at its upper end

(b) away from the wall at its upper end

(c) downward at its upper end

(d) upward at its upper end

Q26. The slope on the road surface generally provided on the curves is known as

(a) angle of friction

(b) angle of respose

(c) angle of banking

(d) none of these

Q27.  For any system of coplanar forces, the condition of equilibrium is that the

(a) Algebraic sum of the horizontal components of all the forces should be zero

(b) Algebraic sum of the vertical components of all the forces should be zero

(c) Algebraic sum of moments of all the forces about any potential should be zero

(d) All of the above

Q28. An open cycle gas turbine works on

(a) Carnot cycle

(b) Otto cycle

(c) Joule’s cycle

(d) Stirling cycle

Q29. When the gas is cooled at constant pressure,

(a) its temperature increases but volume decreases

(b) its volume increases but temperature decreases

(c) both temperature and volume increases

(d) both temperature and volume decreases

Q30. As per Charles law, the volume of a given mass of a perfect gas varies ______ as its absolute temperature, when the absolute pressure remains constant.

(a) directly

(b) indirectly

(c) no relation

(d) none of the above

Q31. In an extensive property of a thermodynamic system

(a) extensive heat is transferred

(b) extensive work is done

(c) extensive energy is utilized

(d) none of the these

Q32. Rotary compressors are used for delivering

(a) small quantities of air at high pressures

(b) large quantities of air at high pressures

(c) small quantities of air at low pressures

(d) low quantities of air at low pressures

Q33. A rotary compressor is driven by an

(a) electric motor

(b) engine

(c) either (a) or (b)

(d) none of these

Q34. In a centrifugal compressor, an increase in speed at a given pressure ratio causes

(a) increase in flow

(b) decrease in flow

(c) increase in efficiency

(d) increase in flow and decrease in efficiency

Q35. A large clearance volume in a reciprocating compressor results in

(a) reduced volume flow rate

(b) increased volume flow rate

(c) lower suction pressure

(d) lower delivery pressure

Q36. The effect of having excess camber is

(a) excessive steering alignment torque

(b) hard steering

(c) too much traction

(d) uneven tyre wear

Q37. If the air-fuel mixture ignites before the spark takes place at spark plug, the condition is called

(a) detonation

(b) ignition

(c) pre-ignition

(d)  rumble

Q38. The diagram which shows the correct crank positions corresponds to the opening and closing of the valves, is known as

(a) indicator diagram

(b) axial force diagram

(c) valve timing diagram

(d) none of these

Q39. In value engineering, the term value refers to

(a) manufacturing cost of the product

(b) total cost of the product

(c) selling price of the product

(d) utility of the product

Q40. Production cost refers to prime cost plus

(a) factory overheads

(b) factory and administration overheads

(c) factory, administration and sales overheads

(d) factory, administration, sales overheads and profit

Q41. A systematic job improvements sequence will consist of

(a) motion study

(b) time study

(c) job enrichment

(d) all of these

Q42. Cast iron during machining produce’s

(a) Continuous chips

(b) Discontinuous chips

(c) Continuous chips and built up edge

(d) None of these

Q43.  Single point thread cutting tool should ideally have

(a) zero rake angle

(b) positive rake angle

(c) negative rake angle

(d) point angle

Q44. The cutting tool in a milling machine is mounted on

(a) spindle

(b) arbor

(c) column

(d) knee

Q45. One quick way to view the entire drawing area is to use the Zoom command by typing

(a) type Z enter A enter

(b) type Z enter E enter

(c) type SHOWALL enter

(d) type ALL enter

Q46. When setting up a mechanical drawing in AutoCAD the drafter should set the units to _______.

(a) fractional

(b) decimal

(c) architectural

(d) metric

Q47. In a class B push-pull amplifier, the transistors are based slightly above cut off to avoid

(a) crossover distortion

(b) unusually high efficiency

(c) negative feedback

(d)  a low input impedance

Q48. The depletion mode MOSFET

(a) can operate with only positive gate voltages

(b) can operate with only negative gate voltages

(c) Cannot operate in ohmic region

(d) can operate with both positive and negative gate voltages

Q49. Ailerons are used to control

(a) Yaw of aircraft

(b) pitch

(c) roll

(d) None of these

Q50. Stalling of the airofoil occurs

(a) When the angle of attack is beyond critical angle of attack

(b) When the angle of attack is beyond critical angle of attack

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of the above

To download the EKT 1 2015 Mechanical question paper series E click on the link given below:


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