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First Army Couple to Lead Together on Republic Day

In an unprecedented event, Major Jerry Blaize and Captain Supreetha C T are set to create history as the first married couple to participate together in the Republic Day parade on January 26. This unique occurrence marks a significant milestone in the history of the Republic Day celebrations in India.

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Major Blaize and Captain Supreetha, who tied the knot in June 2023, expressed their surprise and delight at this unexpected opportunity. “This did not happen in a planned way. It is a coincidence,” Captain Supreetha shared with PTI.

The couple, having served in different regiments, will be part of two distinct contingents as they march down the Kartavya Path.

Both Major Blaize and Captain Supreetha have a history with the National Cadet Corps (NCC) which played a vital role in their journey. Major Blaize, a graduate of Jain University, Bengaluru, and native of Wellington, Tamil Nadu, was inspired by his NCC experiences to lead his regiment, the Madras regiment, in the parade.

Meanwhile, Captain Supreetha, from Mysore, Karnataka, and a Law graduate from JSS Law College, reminisced about her participation in the 2016 NCC Republic Day parade.

Living in Delhi, the couple, posted in different locations, cherish this opportunity to spend time together during the parade preparations. Captain Supreetha, a member of the Corps of Military Police contingent, and Major Blaize are enthusiastic about representing their respective units.

Their families, sharing in their excitement, are set to attend the parade, marking a proud moment for both the couple and their loved ones.

This historic event in the Republic Day parade symbolizes not only their personal achievements but also the diverse representation and unity in the Indian armed forces.

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