10 Good Habits Of A Serious Defence Aspirant You Must Adapt

Joining the defence forces is not an easy task. You have to be better than the rest in all aspects. Your motherlands safety lies in our hands, which is why the selection process of getting into the service line is so strict, with rigid criteria’s’ and tests you on a holistic scale.

If you are a defence aspirant, inculcating good habits in your everyday routine is a must. The earlier you start, the easier it will be for you to adapt to these changes and showcase your bettered personality to the selection board.

Once these aspects become habits, you will be doing them without realising, and it will become a part of your lifestyle.

Here are ten habits a serious defence aspirant must adapt:

  • Waking up Early

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!”

We have all heard this quote in our school years, but how many of us actually follow it? Waking up early has multiple benefits like increasing productivity, getting an early start to the day and gives you a sense of fulfilment at the end of a productive day.

Waking up early and going to bed on time also gets us into the habit of maintaining a good sleep schedule which is very important.

  • Exercise and Meditation

Keeping your body agile is a must. But, keeping your mind fit is of utmost importance. Exercising regularly along with having a healthy diet helps in keeping diseases away and builds up your immunity system.

Meditation helps in keeping the mind focussed and prevents us from spiralling downwards. It keeps away negative thoughts and enables us to see things in a different perspective.

  • Time Management

Being able to manage your time is a key habit that one should adapt.

Everyone gets twenty-four hours in a day. But how you spend your time speaks volume. Whether you decide to waste your time performing one task or adequately allot sets of time for various tasks is up to you.

Time is valuable. Don’t waste it.

Dedicate your time to things that add value and split your time efficiently to build productivity.

  • Follow a Time-Table

Making a time-table and adhering to it is a good habit to add to your lifestyle. A time-table doesn’t always have to be filled with work but should have adequate breaks too. Breaks are important to revive the mind and freshen up.

Having a time-table makes doing task easier as checking off each task after it is completed provides a sense of fulfilment.

Following a time-table also goes hand-in-hand with time management and makes both habits easier to adapt.

  • Discipline

It goes without saying that being disciplined is a must for every defence aspirant. Discipline is a much sought-after personality trait. It is a must for a service personnel.

Being disciplined always put you one foot ahead of the others as it increases your patience and tolerance level. It also keeps you level-headed and you do not lose your calm and composure easily.

  • Flexibility

Being flexible means being open to different ideas, perspectives and different methods and approaches of performing certain tasks. Being rigid in your ways will not help you in any way.

If one is flexible, it is easier for them to adapt to various environments and working conditions. It will also keep you open-minded to newer ways of performing tasks which your peers and colleagues might suggest.

Being able to adjust in various conditions makes everything much easier as it leaves all doors of creativeness open.

  • Staying Positive

Not all situations are positive, but a positive outcome can be brought about from any situation. It is all about how we perceive it.

Being positive all the time is not possible. Feeling negative emotions is only human, but having the capacity of not dwelling on matters for long and coming up with an action plan to make the best out of the worst is a great habit to form.

Being positive yourself, you can make your peers feel positive too and together you can overcome any hardships you may face.

  • Good Manners

Having good manners is a very essential personality trait. Basic manners like wishing your superiors, respecting them, treating your fellow peers and colleagues with respect, goes a long way.

Along with this, having basic table etiquettes is also mandatory and expected of someone who is a defence aspirant.

Practicing good manners at home can start with your parents and then further extending it to your friend circle will help you make a daily routine which will form into a habit.

  • Reading

Reading novels is a must to improve vocabulary and memory. But it is not the only reading that should be done. One should stay up-to-date with the current affairs of the country as well as the world. It is important for us to stay informed about the happenings around us.

Moreover, attention should be given to general knowledge as well.

Reading the newspaper everyday should become a habit. It is easy to follow and give us all the necessary information required to stay updated with everything happening around us.

  • Being Responsible

Taking responsibility is a very good habit for a defence aspirant. Admitting to your wrongdoings and taking responsibility of the things you have done instead of pinning it on someone else shows maturity.

Being responsible is a big task and not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes spirit to stand up and take responsibility, and hence, it also one of the most respected habits.

Defence aspirants should inculcate this habit as it is beneficial in crucial aspects and also, proves worthiness of leadership.

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In conclusion, there are many habits one can take up. But performing these to their fullest is what matters. A defence aspirant has to be proper in every aspect and adding good habits and making better lifestyle choices will only better your chances of joining the armed forces.

Healthy lifestyle choices and good habits is what sets you apart from the crowd. Adding these habits will boost your productivity and better your chances of serving the nation as a defence personnel.

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