Hiding SSB Interview Attempts: Can You Fake Number of SSB Attempts

The straightforward answer is no. But let us first dive into how the number of SSB attempts to impact the Interview Process.


Fresher and Repeater

  • A fresher is someone who is appearing in the SSB for the first time, and after that attempt, he is termed a repeater.
  • As the repeater/hardcore repeater has appeared in the SSB interview much more than a fresher it is clear that they are expected to be more confident and perform at par than they did in their previous attempts.
  • The assessors are a bit lenient towards the freshers and it is expected as many of the freshers are for the first time experiencing an Army Routine.
  • But one thing for sure is whether someone is a fresher or a repeater he will be judged on the same parameter of 15 OLQ’s. If he is found suitable for the forces, assessors will recommend him without taking his number of attempts into the case.

Why Candidates try to fake the number of attempts:

  • For the reasons mentioned above candidates presume that if assessors view them as freshers their chances of getting recommended are much higher.

Why shouldn’t candidates fake their number of attempts:

  • The candidate’s portal of joinindianarmy records every detail pertaining to selection and it is impossible to delete a particular entry of SSB attempt.
  • These records are well maintained and these are used by officials for documents verification at SSB.
  • As is mentioned in the call-up letter of SSB any discrepancy will cause the cancellation of candidature and such cases may have deeper impacts
  • Integrity is an attribute valued not just in forces but everywhere around the world, and moreover, the Indian Army with its strong ethos is not a place for people indulging in malpractices for selfish motives.

Jai Hind

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      Wear your attempts as a badge of honour
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