How Many Defence Aspirants Clear The SSB Interview?


After we published a detailed report on the number of candidate clear the CDS exam, many aspirants emailed us regarding the low selection rate at SSB interview. They want to know similar statistics for the various SSB interview entries. So, in this article, we are going to look at the number of candidates who attend SSB interview and how many of them actually clear the SSB interview every year. These statistics are based on major defence written exams like CDS, NDA and AFCAT.

What is SSB interview?

SSB interview is conducted by services selection board (SSB) across the country. To get the SSB interview call letter one must pass the written exams like CDS, NDA, AFCAT, INET, TA etc. One can also get the directly SSB interview call letter, such entries are called direct entries, one is shortlisted for the SSB based on their aggregate percentage in their graduation. Some of such entries are TGC, SSC-Tech and NCC Special. SSB interview is a 5 days process which mainly consists of Stage-1 and Stage-2. Stage-1 consists of OIR Test and PPDT also known as the screening test. Stage-2 consists of Psychology Tests, Personal interview and GTO. One needs to clear the Stage-1 testing to reach Stage-2. SSB interview is conducted to select the potential future officers for Army, Navy and Airforce.

Preparation for SSB Interview

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NDA Exam – How many cleared the SSB Interview

Exam NameCandidates Cleared SSB Interview
NDA 1 2020533
NDA 2 2020662
NDA 1 2019447
NDA 2 2018 520
NDA 1 2018 379
NDA 2 2017 447

CDS Exam – How many cleared the SSB Interview

Exam NameCandidates Cleared SSB Interview
CDS 1 202095 + 147
CDS 2 2019196 + 214
CDS 1 2019129 + 267
CDS 2 2018 100 + 195
CDS 1 2018 100 + 172
CDS 2 2017 192 + 227

AFCAT/CDS/NCC – Merit List

Exam NameCandidates made in the merit list
Indian Air Force Jan 2021 214
Indian Air Force Aug 2020 224
Indian Air Force Jan 2020 98
Indian Air Force July 2019114
Indian Air Force Jan 2019 96
Indian Air Force July 2018 148
Indian Air Force Jan 2018 99

There are other entries that we have not included in this report. So you can see the number of candidates clearing the SSB interview for various entries like CDS, NDA and AFCAT is very low. It shows the competition level which is very high in Indian defence exams, lakhs of aspirants apply for each entry and hardly few are able clear the SSB interview and make in the final merit list.

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