IAF to retire all 4 MiG-21 squadrons by 2025

The Indian Air Force plans to retire one MiG-21 squadron by the end of September and the other three over the next three years. The military is set to decommission four squadrons of its MiG-21 fighter jets which are scheduled over the next three years.

The Indian Air Force will retire one more squadron of the MiG-21 Bison aircraft by September 30 with all fighter jets slated to be phased out before 2025.

This was a decision in response to recent fatal accidents, which has caused concerns over the safety of these aging aerospace craft.

India’s oldest and longest-serving fighter plane, the MiG-21 is being put under increased scrutiny following recent crashes.

Accidents have brought the safety record of India Air Force’s old jets in to question and they are planning on replacing them with newer models.

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