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Important Buzz Words To Ace SSB Interview

Many of you dream to serve in the defence services of the nation. What most of you concentrate on is how to crack the written exam for joining the respective forces and therefore, you study English just because you need to score in that subject to qualify in the exam. But what you don’t realize is that English not only helps you to get a higher score in the written tests, but also prepare you from an early stage for the SSB Interview, feared and revered by all defence aspirants. Just because, this Interview is conducted to filter the deserving candidates from so many, who would in future, lead the nation. While leadership qualities, strong and authoritative personality and presence of mind are preferred for in the selected individuals, but communication skills and body language of a candidate is noted very carefully and keenly. One wrong word and you can lose your step to achieve your dream. Choice of words is therefore very important when it comes to SSB Interview.

Therefore, here I come in with some important buzz words and phrases in English that can help you to ace not only Personal Interview (PI) but also the other levels of the said fearful Interview.

Words Showcasing ‘Passion’

Feel the passion you have felt for your country perhaps from an early childhood and speak about it. Use words like ‘Energized’, ‘Enthusiastic’, ‘Interested’, ‘Love’,

‘Motivated’, ‘Priority’, ‘Win’ to showcase your passion, zeal, enthusiasm, love and reverence for your motherland and your desire to protect her from all harm.

Words Showcasing ‘Responsibility’

During the interview, it’s always good to demonstrate that you’re responsible—you want to show interviewers that if you’re set to a task, you’ll not only accomplish it, but you’ll complete it within a particular deadline and meet the established standards. These words and phrases convey responsibility: ‘Accomplish’, ‘Coordinate’, ‘Detail-oriented’, ‘Effective’, ‘Efficient’, ‘Maintained’,

‘Met the deadline’, ‘On time’, ‘Organize’, ‘Practical’, ‘Prepare’, ‘Provide’, ‘Reorganize’, ‘Responsible’, ‘Results’, ‘Results-oriented’, ‘Satisfied the client’s requests’, ‘Solution’, ‘Support’, ‘Team player’, ‘Leadership’, etc.

Words Showcasing ‘Leadership’

Getting inside the defence services of a country needs loyalty, chivalry and above all, leadership qualities. While the interviewers in SSB Interview look for candidates showcasing leadership capabilities and authority, incorporate in your conversations words like ‘Accelerate’, ‘Accomplish’, ‘Generate’, ‘Lead’, ‘Motivate’, ‘Encourage’, ‘Build’, ‘Coordinate’, ‘Deliver’, ‘Develop’, ‘I handled that by…’, ‘Initiative’, ‘Innovative’, ‘Negotiated’, ‘Plan’, ‘Resolve’, ‘Supervise’ to attract your interviewers’ attention.

Words to Describe Yourself

One of the most common questions asked by the interviewers not only in SSB Interview but in all interviews all over the world is the most simple but difficult question to answer and that is “Describe yourself’. Well, the simple answer is to speak about yourself in both the terms of your strength as well as weaknesses and please do give honest replies to this as you will fall into trouble if you lie. Use words like ‘Easy-going’, ‘Hard-working’, ‘Committed’, ‘Trustworthy’, ‘Honest’, ‘Focused’, ‘Methodical’, ‘Proactive’, etc. to describe your positive nature.

Words to Describe Your Plus Points

You will be tested by your interviewer in the SSB Interview about why you are a deserving candidate for the defence forces of the country. Do not fret. Reply honestly and truthfully. To make your answer impressive, you can use certain words while you speak to describe your positive traits that are expected in a soldier. Elaborate on your skills of organization, the ability to multitask, perform to a deadline, solve problems, communicate well, work in a diverse environment and with people from all over the country or/and world, speak foreign languages, Enthusiasm and so on.


Start practising from now on these minute things and try to incorporate these words in your frequent conversations with your parents, family members or friends. Do not try to fabricate stories and falsities with these words. Stay honest and be true to yourself. Work hard and dream big. Follow your passion and try to bring a change to the world. Jai Hind!

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