Important Straits of the World for NDA CDS AFCAT Exams

Greetings, future warriors today we are going to discuss the Important Straits which comes under the geography section of the exams and is amongst the most frequently asked. This is one of the most important topics asked in NDA CDS AFCAT exams. This is also from an interview point of view, as IO expects you to know at least the basic geography of the World.

What are Straits?

Straits are the water bodies that connect two larger water bodies naturally. It is a narrow waterway that connects two geographical masses. Straits are very crucial and help in the world’s 90% trade route. It is said that straits were formed by the tectonic movement of the plates in the African continent. Unlike a gulf that connects both land and sea, Strait connects only water bodies.

Importance of Straits

  • In the seaborne trade for commercial shipping, straits are crucial.
  • They are significant in geopolitics.
  • For thousands of years, the Straits have been vital to human civilization.
  • They are significant in both military and economic affairs.
  • Commercial shipping uses the world’s major straits to cross from one exclusive zone or sea to another.
  • Straits are crucial both strategically and commercially. For many ships, straits offer a variety of passable paths. For instance, the Strait of Hormuz is crucial since it is where one-third of the world’s oil commerce passes.

Following is the list of various important straits:

Name of the StraitsJoins of straitPoint of Meeting (Location)
Malacca StraitThe Andaman Sea & South China SeaIndonesia – Malaysia
Palk StraitPalk Bay & Bay of BengalIndia-Sri Lanka
Sunda StraitThe Java Sea & Indian OceanIndonesia
Yucatan StraitThe Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean SeaMexico-Cuba
Mesina StraitMediterranean SeaItaly-Sicily
Otranto StraitThe Adriatic Sea & Ionian SeaItaly-Albania
Bab-el-Mandeb StraitRed Sea & Gulf of AdenYemen-Djibouti
Cook StraitSouth Pacific OceanNew Zealand (N & S islands)
Mozambique StraitIndian OceanMozambique – Malagasy
North ChannelThe Irish Sea & Atlantic OceanIreland-England
Taurus StraitArafura Sea & Gulf of PapuaPapua New Guinea – Australia
Bass straitThe Tasman Sea & South SeaAustralia
Bering StraitThe Bering Sea & Chukchi SeaAlaska-Russia
Bonne-Fazio StraitMediterranean SeaCorsica-Sardinia
Bosporus StraitThe Black Sea and the Marmara SeaTurkey
Dardenleez StraitThe Marmara Sea and Aegean SeaTurkey
Davis straitThe Baffin Bay & Atlantic OceanGreenland-Canada
Denmark straitNorth Atlantic and the Arctic OceanGreenland-Iceland
Dover straitThe English Channel & North SeaEngland-France
Florida StraitGulf of Mexico and the Atlantic OceanUSA-Cuba
Hormuz straitGulf of Persia & Gulf of OmanOman-Iran
Hudson straitGulf of Hudson & Atlantic OceanCanada
Gibraltar StraitThe Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic OceanSpain-Morocco
Magellan straitPacific and South Atlantic OceanChile
Makassar StraitThe Java Sea & Celebes SeaIndonesia
Tsugaru StraitJapan Sea and the Pacific OceanJapan (Hokkaido-Honshu island)
Tatar StraitJapan Sea & Okhotsk SeaRussia (E Russia-Sakhalin Island)

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