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Indian Air Force Agnipath Recruitment To Start From 24th June 2022 [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Indian Air Force Agniveer Vayu 01/2022 intake online registration is open from 24th June 2022, apply now.

Big News: India Air Force chief Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari says, “Happy to announce that the upper age limit (for recruitment) has been revised to 23 years. This will benefit the youth. The recruitment process for Indian Air Force will begin from 24th June.”

Indian Air Force has published its first Agniveer Vayu 01/2022 intake notification today. Candidates born between 29 Dec 1999 and 29 June 2005 are eligible to apply. Online Exam Date 24 July 2022 onwards. Registration starts from 24 June 2022.

Govt has announced Agnipath Scheme under which youth will be able to join armed forces; age criteria will be 17.5 to 21 yrs. Happy to announce that for the first recruitment, the upper age limit was revised to 23 yrs. It’ll benefit the youth. IAF recruitment will begin on 24th June: IAF chief

Detailed Notification: Indian Air Force Agnipath Entry Notification And Exam Date Eligibility Age Limits

Under this scheme, Agniveers would be selected to serve the IAF for a duration of four years. The new scheme provides a golden opportunity for India’s youth to experience military life without having to make a long term commitment. This period of four years of active service provides the Agniveers with the much required time to resolve inhibitions if any, with respect to the services way of life and towards enabling them to decide upon Armed forces as a permanent career option.

Indian Air Force Agnipath Entry Scheme 2022: Important Dates

Notification Date24 June 2022
Application Open Date24 June 2022
Application Last Date5 July 2022
Exam Date24 July 2022 Onwards
Online Preparation CourseEnroll

The new scheme gives the IAF an opportunity to tap and attract the best talent available in the country to serve the Indian Air Force with pride. A short tenure in the IAF will facilitate military training to a large section of our society and inculcate amongst them the qualities of leadership, patriotism, determination, discipline, maturity, courage, camaraderie, orderliness and sense of time management.

Our endeavor would be to enroll Agniveers from all parts of the nation through an All India competitive examination process utilizing contemporary technology, practices and systems, specialized rallies and campus interviews at technical institutes and will also be resorted to select the most capable candidates.
The selection process will continue to be maintained as per existing norms of the service and hence would ensure that quality of youth being enrolled is maintained and they are from all over the country.

Today, the youth of our country are better educated and possess a higher exposure to technology as compared to earlier times. Apart from the general population, the scheme envisages enrolment of ITI students, National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) candidates as well as NCC cadets ensuring that the Agniveers have a better starting point and thus, more compatible to the technology intensive needs of the Indian Air Force. These Agniveers would be exposed to an improved tailor made training curriculum which will enable them to transit quickly and effectively in to the Air Force environment.

Moreover, the Agniveers who would be joining the IAF as Regular Cadre would require lesser time for settling down and specialist training for manning tech intensive equipment. Post serving the IAF for four years, certain percentage of Agniveers would be given an opportunity to re-enroll themselves into regular cadre. The remaining Agniveers would be joining the civil life to pursue their careers in other organizations or work as dynamic entrepreneurs, thereby continuing to contribute to the overall development of the nation. The Seva Nidhi of approx. 10.04 Lakhs would aid the Agniveer to settle and lead a decent lifestyle as a young entrepreneur/ start a second career.

We are proud that we have been chosen as flag bearers to train and motivate youth and contribute towards the overall betterment of the nation.

Eligibility‘All India’ ‘All Classes’.

Age Limit, Educational Qualification, Physical Standards. Eligible age will be in a range from 17.5 years to 21 years. Other educational qualifications and physical standards would be issued by the Indian Air Force. **Note: The Government of India has decided to increase the upper age limit of Agniveers to 23 years. Earlier, it was between 17 to 21 years.

As per the official statement, “The Government of India has decided that a one-time waiver shall be granted for the proposed recruitment cycle of 2022. Accordingly, the upper age limit for the recruitment process for Agnipath Scheme for 2022 is increased to 23 years.”

Pay, Allowances and Allied Benefits. Individuals enrolled under this Scheme will be paid an Agniveer package of Rs. 30,000/- per month with a fixed yearly increment. In addition, Risk and Hardship, Dress and Travel allowances will be paid.

Remuneration Package. Details of monthly  remuneration, Agniveer Corpus fund and one-time Seva Nidhi package are indicated below:-

image 6

Note 1:       Agniveers will not be required to contribute to any Provident Fund of the Government.

Note 2:       There shall be no entitlement to gratuity and any kind of pensionary benefits in the case of Agniveers.

Indian Air Force Agnipath Entry Scheme 2022: Exam Pattern

image 48

Indian Air Force Agnipath Entry Scheme 2022: Syllabus


I. A short passage followed by four questions to test comprehension.

The questions will be set:

1. To judge understanding of the passage.

2. To draw inference

3. To judge understanding of vocabulary

II. Grammar – 1

1. Subject – verb concord

2. Forms of verbs and errors in the use of verbs, etc.

3. Sequence of tenses and errors in the use of tenses

4. Transformation of sentences – Compound, Complex, Simple, Negative,

Affirmative, Comparative degree, Positive degree, Superlative degree etc.

III. Grammar – 2

1. Formation of words – Nouns from verbs and adjectives, Adjectives from nouns

and verbs, Adverbs from adjectives etc

2. Determiners

3. The Preposition

4. Nouns and Pronouns

5. The Adjective

6. The Adverb

7. The Conjunction

8. The Modals

9. Clauses – Noun clauses, Adverb clauses of condition and time and Relative


IV. Vocabulary

1. Synonyms and Synonyms in context

2. Antonyms and Antonyms in context

3. One-word substitution

4. Spelling pitfalls

5. Simple Idioms/phrases

6. Words often confused/Selecting the correct word fitting in a sentence

V. Narration (Direct and Indirect)

1. Commands and requests

2. Statements (Various tenses)

3. Questions (Various forms of questions, tenses, etc.)

VI. Voice (Active and Passive)

1. Changes required under each tense.

2. Other conditions for transforming Active into Passive

(a) The Preposition

(b) Modal auxiliaries

(c) Infinitive

(d) Participles

VII. Jumbled Sentences



 1. Sets, Relations and functions

 2. Trigonometric Functions

 3. Inverse Trigonometric Functions

 4. Complex Number and Quadratic Equations

 5. Linear Inequalities

 6. Mathematical Induction

 7. Permutations and Combinations

 8. Binomial Theorem

 9. Sequences and Series

10. Cartesian system of rectangular co-ordinates

11. Straight lines and family of lines

12. Circles and family of circles

13. Conic sections

14. Three-dimensional Geometry

15. Matrices and Determinants

16. Limit and Continuity

17. Differentiation

18. Applications of Derivatives

19. Indefinite integrals

20. Definite Integrals

21. Applications of the Integrals

22. Differential Equations

23. Mathematical Reasoning

24. Linear Programming

25. Vector

26. Probability

27. Statistics



 1 Physical World and Measurement

 2 Kinematics

 3 Laws of Motion

 4 Work, Energy and Power

 5 Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body.

 6 Gravitation

 7 Properties of Bulk Matter

 8 Thermodynamics

 9 Behavior of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases.

10 Oscillations and Waves

11 Electrostatics

12 Current Electricity

13 Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

14 Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current

15 Electro Magnetic Waves

16 Optics

17 Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

18 Atoms and Nuclei

19 Electronic Devices

20 Communication Systems


Reasoning (Verbal and Non- Verbal)

1. Numerical series.

2. Distance and Direction sense Test.

3. Mathematical Operations

4. Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Test.

5. Assign Artificial Values to Mathematical Digit.

6. Inserting Correct Mathematical sign.

7. Human relation.

8. Coding & Decoding

9. Odd man out.

10. Mutual relation problems.

11. Tallest, youngest relations.

12. Dictionary woods.

13. Analogy.

14. Non- Verbal reasoning.

15. Number coding.

16. Number Puzzle.


1. Ratio and Proportion.

2. Average.

3. LCM & HCF.

4. Profit and Loss.

5. Time, Distance and Speed.

6. Percentage.

7. Simplifications of Numbers.

8. Fractions.

9. Area of triangle, Square and Rectangle.

10. Surface Area and volume of Cuboids, Cylinder, Cone and Sphere.

11. Probability.

12. Simple Trigonometry.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

1. General Science

2. Civics

3. Geography

4. Current Events

5. History

6. Basic Computer Operations

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1. When will the recruitment process for Indian Air Force Agniveers begin?

The recruitment process for Indian Air Force will begin from 24th June.

2. What are the revised age limits for Agnipath Entry?

Agnipath Entry Scheme Upper Age Limit Revised From 21 To 23 Years For 2022. **Note: The Government of India has decided to increase the upper age limit of Agniveers to 23 years. Earlier, it was between 17 to 21 years. As per the official statement, “The Government of India has decided that a one-time waiver shall be granted for the proposed recruitment cycle of 2022. Accordingly, the upper age limit for the recruitment process for Agnipath Scheme for 2022 is increased to 23 years.”

3. What is the Salary after joining as an Indian Air Force Agniveers?

4 Lakhs to 6 Lakh annual package along with allowances and other benefits.

4. Who all can apply for IAF Agnipath entry?

Enrolment will be based on an ‘All India All Class’ basis’. The educational qualification for Agniveers should be from class 10 to class 12, ITI, Polytechnics or any equivalent for respective entries

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