Indian Army New Shelters in Eastern Ladakh

Indian Army New Shelters in Eastern Ladakh. Indian Army has completed the establishment of habitat facilities for all troops deployed in the sector to ensure operational efficiency of troops deployed in Eastern Ladakh during winters.

Indian Army Corps Of Engineers’ played an important role in the shelter erection explained that they have used the latest technology to provide soldiers with the habitat, laboratory, and heating arrangements at the earliest.

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“This shelter is custom-made, is fast erectable and has containerised shelters which can be placed quickly. These shelters are prefabricated and hence, the use of cement and sand is minimum,” Army Source

Along with the enemy across the border, the Indian Army is also working on war footing to fight the extremely harsh winters by building new shelters and prefabricated structures for the soldiers.

Indian Army is logistically prepared in terms of tackling the harsh weather, with special winter clothing and other facilities such as fuel, spares and assemblies in place.

“Adequate training with provision of special winter clothing will ensure troops’ morale remains high and they are ready to function in short notice. Along with this, training and honing of crew skills and drills will remain constant through the winters. The Indian Army in Eastern Ladakh is logistically well prepared,”

The Army is also making habitation of the soldiers on a war footing by placing prefabricated container shelters and barrel shelters that use minimum cement and sand. In these shelters, there is proper insulation to protect soldiers from strong winds and winter, proper heating facilities along with basic needs like lavatory and kitchen.

As a part of recreation activities, Army companies are provided with a television along with set-top box connection.

Talking about the climatic challenges at an altitude of 15,000 feet, Maj Gen Kapoor said, “There is no doubt that winters in Ladakh are going to be harsh. We are absolutely in control as far as advanced winter stocking and forward winter stocking is concerned. High calorie and nutritious ration, fuel, oil and lubricants, special winter clothing, winter tentage, and heating appliances are all available in adequate numbers.”


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