Indian Naval Air Squadron 330 Harpoons Celebrates Golden Jubilee

INAS330 Harpoons celebrates its golden jubilee - 1

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INAS330 Harpoons celebrates its golden jubilee today. The sqn was commissioned on 17 Apr 1971 & received baptism by fire when Indo-Pak war broke out in Dec 1971. The squadron was initially equipped with Seaking Mk 42 ASW helicopters & is presently operating the Mk 42B variant.

Called the “Flying Frigate”, Seaking 42B is among the most potent weapon platforms in naval inventory capable of launching anti-ship missiles, anti-submarine torpedoes & depth charges. The Sqn has won the ‘Best Frontline Sqn’ & ‘Best Naval Air Sqn’ award on numerous occasions.

INAS 330 continues to remain the eyes & ears of the fleet & has proved to be a force multiplier due to its all weather, day/night capability. The unbridled commitment of the squadron is captured in its motto – ‘Any sea, Any mission, Any deck’.

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