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Indian Navy inducts first human-carrying drone “Varuna”

The Indian Navy will soon induct the country’s first human-carrying drone named ‘Varuna’ developed by startup firm Sagar Defence Engineering Private Limited in Pune. Book Your SSB Interview Class Now...

The Indian Navy will soon induct the country’s first human-carrying drone named ‘Varuna’ developed by startup firm Sagar Defence Engineering Private Limited in Pune.

What are Drones?

UAVs or drones are aircraft that may be controlled remotely, autonomously, or both, and can be equipped with a variety of weapons such as sensors, electronic receivers, and transmitters. They are employed for strategic and operational reconnaissance for battlefield monitoring, and they can also intervene directly on the battlefield by dropping or firing precision-guided munitions or indirectly by designating targets for manned systems to drop or fire these bombs on.

A drone’s autonomy level can range from remotely piloted (a human controls its movements) to advanced autonomy, which means that it relies on a system of sensors and LIDAR detectors to calculate its movement.

Originally developed for the military and aerospace industries, drones have found their way into the mainstream because of the enhanced levels of safety and efficiency they bring.

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About Varuna

The first human-carrying drone in India, called “Varuna”, which was created by Pune-based startup Sagar Defense Engineering Private Limited, will soon be used by the Indian Navy. At the plenary session of the Naval Innovation and indigenization Seminar conducted in July this year, a demonstration of this personal air vehicle, an autonomous multi-copter drone capable of transporting passengers, was exhibited.

Varuna can fly a distance of 25 to 30 km while carrying a 100kg load, and it will take her 30 minutes to complete this distance. Even after an in-flight technical failure, the drone is capable of landing safely. It also features a parachute that, in the event of an emergency or failure, will automatically open, allowing the drone to land without incident. Varuna can also transport supplies to far-off places and be utilized as an air ambulance.

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Drone Varuna- Make In India

Capt. Nikunj Parashar, founder of SDE along with his two co-founders, have designed the drone for the Indian Navy. The sole purpose of this drone is to develop an indigenous technology that can be incubated and fielded to safeguard frontline warriors on the battlefield and strengthen the surveillance and security of the nation.

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Importance of Varuna

Greater surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (RSTA)

Commanders on the ground can use drones to acquire real-time intelligence about targets’ locations, terrain, and enemy movements. Drones can capture images and videos at a closer range than high-altitude aircraft without sacrificing image or video quality.

Cost Savings

In terms of cost and upkeep, such drones are less expensive than traditional airplanes. Drones lessen the possibility of pilots getting hurt while flying because they are unmanned.

Added Convenience

Drones are quicker and simpler to use than traditional planes. They are simpler to use and don’t require as much training as conventional aircraft. Numerous drones don’t require a runway, and some can simply fit in a backpack.

Improved Security

Drone pilots can deliver real-time data without putting their own lives in danger. Furthermore, the same information helps commanders decide where to station their troops to ensure their security.

Greater Versatility

Forces in the military must constantly be prepared for anything at any time. Drones are the best example of technology that the military-industrial complex has created that puts this demand first. Drones can even be fully automated top of all of this.

Today, numerous military warfare firms create drone technology that is incorporated into more global military operations. They are quite helpful in various vocations thanks to their many advantages and benefits.

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Use of Varuna as an Air Ambulance

The drone has been designed to help the Navy transfer its personnel between warships. Its developers have enhanced it to help with rescue operations and also serve as an air ambulance in rural areas.

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