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CHIMERA: India’s First Anti-Drone System

Godrej is known to produce high-quality lockers and keys to protect valuable items from the clutches of thieves and robbers. Now the company has entered the weapon manufacturing sector through Atma Nirbhar Bharat with its latest anti-drone system called CHIMERA.

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About CHIMERA Anti-Drone System

Godrej’s latest CHIMERA, which the company developed in cooperation with a French company called CERBAIR, is now the talk among defense experts.

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CHIMERA was designed to protect the country against the rising threat of drones from enemy countries. The anti-drone system is important to thwart Pakistan’s attempts to smuggle drugs and weapons across the border, using drones.

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Specifications of CHIMERA

  • One of the best features of CHIMERA is that it is portable and handy. It looks like a gun and can be carried on the shoulders of a soldier. The CHIMERA can destroy an enemy drone within a range of 1 km.
  • Passive RF detection of drone and remote control.
  • Embedded jamming technology to neutralize rogue drones.
  • Man-portable format powered by batteries.
  • Evolutive and interoperable platform.
  • Possible wireless integration into larger C2.
  • A soldier will also carry an antenna in his bag to track enemy drones and block their radio frequency. Once this is blocked, the enemy drone either falls to the ground or will retreat to the point from where it took off.
  • The company is also manufacturing an anti-drone system that can be erected in one spot. This is used for protecting VVIPs. Currently, some of the security agencies in the country have begun to use this for the security of VVIPs.

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Rogue Drone and Pilot Detection by Radio-Frequency Analysis

HYDRA is a range of solutions for drone detection by RF analysis. Like the mythological serpent with several heads, HYDRA relies on an expandable number of sensors installed at the top of masts and working together.

  • Broad RF coverage
  • Smart mode: RF range targeting to reduce EM interferences and automatic triggers via integration with HYDRA
  • Modular, evolutive, and highly configurable
  • Ease of installation
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