Induction Of New Weapons In Indian Armed Forces

India's Rafale fighter

The induction of new aircraft, weapons, etc into the Armed Forces is a continuous process.  The details of important recent inductions in this regards are as under:-

Indian Army:

          (i) Cheetal Helicopters.

          (ii) Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH) Mark 0/I/II/III.

          (iii)  ALH (Weapon System Integrated [WSI]).

          (iv)  20 mm Turret Gun – Integrated with ALH (WSI) platform.

          (v)  70 mm Turret Gun – Integrated with ALH (WSI) platform.

Indian Navy:

          (i)  Dornier 228 aircraft

          (ii)  Advance Light Helicopters (ALH MK III)

          (iii) Chetak Helicopters

          (iv)  P81 aircraft

Indian Air Force:

          (i)  Rafale aircraft

          (ii) Light Combat Aircraft

          (iii) C-17 and C-130 transport aircraft

          (iv) Chinook and Apache Helicopters

The nation is committed to boosting the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” scheme by inducting LCH and LUH helicopters into Armed Forces.

So far, till February 2021, the Government has issued 523 Industrial licenses for the manufacturing of various items in the Defence sector.

This information was tabled in a written reply by Raksha Rajya Mantri in Lok Sabha.


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  1. Srinjoy Mukherjee

    Sir/Mam I think you forgot to include the Tejas in IAF's list!

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