Lead Your Life In A Military Way Without Being In Armed Forces

Whenever you come across a man or women in uniform, it gives your spine a chill. But, what if you are overage for the recruitment or still aspiring to be an officer or declared permanently medically unfit? You can simply learn some things from the daily lifestyle of the officers and Jawans alike and it will give you a small taste of their life. A civilian usually walks, talks, sit and stand according to his leisure with usually no purpose in these simple joys of life. If you are aspiring to be an officer then it’s better to start acting like one as it will clear the chaos and confusion from your lives and will provide you with decisiveness.

Here are some points that you can include in your daily regime:

Take Responsibility For Actions, Delegate It To Others
An officer delegates responsibility to the men in his command who are efficient and whom he can trust. This activity divides the responsibility and makes one’s headless in chaos and lead to focus on more pertinent issues surrounding the domain and else. This part of responsibility bearing and sharing is very effective in work environments where teamwork is of prime importance. A leader keeps track of the actions that are undergoing and talk to his subordinates in a regular manner, thus listening to their issues. A big part of being an officer is about earning the respect of your subordinates.

Start & End Your Day Like An Officer
An officer will make his bed as soon as he will get up and his day start early, no matter when he slept. In any battalion, soldiers and officers start preparing for their day as soon as they wake up and go for a gruelling physical exercise regime. Sweating through physical exercises actually increases the dopamine content in your brain and makes you feel like you have accomplished something. Hitting a number of sets in the gym or a 5km run in 18 minutes gives us a certain sense of achievement which ensures that you remain charged up throughout the day.

Get Your Orders Clear
In a military environment, if any order is given then it is repeated and pounded into the minds of the soldiers by their superior commanding officer who is tasked to act on it. If a field exercise is going on than a demo is given, a certain time-table is made up and then properly projected for everyone as to make it clear to them that what are the expectations from them. The thing which a civilian can learn from army officers is that you should always ask if anything isn’t clear to you, gets your issues sorted and then brace up for doing things.

Be A Scholar Warrior
The less you will read the more it will take you down to the depths of ignorance at the speed of light. Smart, wise and dumb generals have filled the pages of history and you will find them on the reading list of an officer on good days and bad. A good officer reads about his opponent, the memoirs of the officers and soldiers of the enemy nation to get a thorough understanding of their psyche and curves of the brain. This way the mind is enriched with fresh and raw ideas and you are all set to hold your ground and deliver what you are set against.

Documents Everything
Officers and soldiers are inculcated with a habit of keeping a written record of work. They note down every task with some of them following the unique pattern of the coloured inks. Proper colour coding is denoted and in this way a system is generated. This system of maintaining the written records has many benefits in the end as it gives you a sense of fulfilment. You get the full knowledge of tasks done, pending and incomplete and that way you can plan your next day to strike them down.

Men You Command Needs Personal Attention
In the Indian Army, officers are set down for the accommodation with the soldiers in the initial days of his arriving in the unit to get to know them. This way he can put himself in shoes of his men anytime and it is expected from a good officer to engage with the men that he commands. An officer leads from the front, guide along the way his team has to follow and in the meanwhile set the bar high. He knows his men be it their name, family or place of origin. He is empathetic in behaviour and will often go out of his course of action to help the men. This is the best way to earn respect and loyalty of his men.

Turn Out Matters And Matters A Lot
You must have seen the “Ustaads” with a clean-shaven face and razor-sharp folding crease on his uniform and shouting the choicest fine expletives on the face of GCs who have missed a crease or two. Why is he shouting? He is shouting to differentiate between swag and classy as it’s the norm in the military academies and he is all set to make you classy. Always dress right for the right kind of occasion and you can do that without investing in the brands for clothes. You can start by keeping up your personal hygiene by getting your nails trimmed, hair combed with a nice haircut and using a pinch of cologne.

Set Standards But Live To Your Fullest
Go pick up your friends and go for an adventure in the hills if you are getting the vibes that you are overworking. Spend time with your family and take them out for a nice movie or lunch. Maintain your dignity and that of others by behaving in an officer like way with them.

Start Writing Letters And Journals
GCs in the academies are encouraged to write letters and journals and if the company commander is much enthusiastic about it then he may right pass down an order. Nothing can beat the feeling of a good old letter as it has the right approach to convey varied emotions. Writing journals will give you some peace of mind when you are reading them years after you have written them.

Maintain Hobbies And Interests
Reading a book is cool and so is gardening. Well! It is therapeutic in a certain way. Some of the officers and Jawans are a real artist and you will find them writing poems in their spare time. Many officers possess a musical instrument with the required talent of singing too. They are lively enough to change the course of a dull party with their amazing sense of humour.

These may sound some cliché points to you as there is nothing extraordinary in these points but they will give you an iota of interest as to how an officer handles his day. The fine list of attributes, virtues and qualities is very huge that can be learnt by civilians from officers such as discipline, perseverance, hard work, purpose, confidence, dignity and loyalty.

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