List Of Important Days In August Month [Updated List]

1 August- Yorkshire Day

 This day is celebrated in the memory of a historic English country named as Yorkshire. In the previous years, this is celebrated by the Yorkshire Ridings Society in 1974.

2 August- Friendship Day

This day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August and the line that is promoted in this festival is “ A Friend in Need is a friend indeed” and the meaning of this line is that if you are ever in need then a friend is one of the people who always help you.

3 August- Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandha is an auspicious festival that is celebrated on the full-moon day of the Hindu Month of Sravana that is July or August. This year it is going to be celebrated on 3 August. The day is celebrated to show the love between a brother towards her sister and vice-versa. Sisters tie rakhi on the wrists of their brothers to protect them against evil influences and pray for their long life. 

4 August- U.S. Coast Guard Day

This day is celebrated as the establishment day of the U.S. Coast Guard and also praises the contributions of Coast Guards. The significance of this day holds a very important part in U.S. Armed Forces.

6 August- Teej

Teej is one of the music festivals of India, which is celebrated by all the ladies and girls. Teej features absolute grandeur and glory. Mostly girls and women dress up in green and dance and sing. 

6 August- Hiroshima Day

This day always remembers the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima, Japan in 1945. This is the first time when a nuclear bomb is taken in use and after the three days second nuclear attack was done in Nagasaki.

7 August- International Beer Day

This day is celebrated on the first Friday of every August in memory of the first beer founded by Jesse Avshalomov who invented it in California in 2007. 

9 August- Quit India Movement Day

Another name used for this day is August Kranti Diwas. This day is celebrated in the memory of the Quit India movement that shows off the extreme struggle of freedom fighters.

9 August- Nagasaki Day

This day is celebrated in the memory of the second and last nuclear weapon attack on Nagasaki, Japan. This attack gives some of the never healing wounds to Japan. 

9 August- Day of the World`s Indigenous Peoples

This day is celebrated to memorize the importance of rights that are given to the indigenous people. The significance of this day plays an important role in humanity.

11 August- Krishna Janamashtmi

Janamashtmi is one of the auspicious festivals of India which is mostly celebrated by Hindus all over the world. The day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Hindu God Lord Krishna. Many people do fasting on this day and kids dress-up like Lord Krishna and break Dahi Handi hanging at the top. 

12 August- International Youth Day

This day is celebrated to praise the role of youths in the development of the world. This day got importance after the National General Assembly in the U.S> give it the importance.

13 August- International Lefthanders Day

This day is celebrated for giving special assistance to the left-hand people who bought this uniqueness and differences in the community. The establishment of this day was done by Dean R. Campbell in 1976.

14 August- Youm-e-Azadi ( Independence Day of Pakistan) This day holds importance for the constitutional bodies of Pakistan. This day is celebrated as the independence of Pakistan. On this day in 1947, Pakistan got free from the British Rule.

15 August- National Day of Mourning

This day holds a significant role in Bangladesh as on this day they remember all the people who sacrificed their lives for the country or lost their lives in natural disasters.

15 August- Independence Day (India)

This day is very important for the Indian Constitution as India got Independence from British rule in 1947. This day is also considered as the gazetted holiday in India.

15 August- Victory over Japan Day (UK)

This day is celebrated in the memory of the victory of the UK over Japan in World War II. On this day Japan army surrendered in front of the UK army and the official notice of surrender is released in 1945.

15 August- Day of the assumption of the Virgin Mary

This day holds a very important in Orthodox Churches, oriental Orthodoxy, Catholic Church, and Eastern Orthodox Churches. According to them on this day, the mother of Jesus was taken into Heaven.

16 August- Bennington Battle Day

This day is considered as a state holiday in Vermont. This day shows the victory of American forces over British forces in the American Revolutionary War in 1777. 

17 August- Indonesian Independence Day

This day is considered as a national holiday in Indonesia. On this day Indonesia proclaimed their independence in 1945. This day becomes a national holiday in 1953 under the rule of0 Sukarno.

19 August- World Photography Day

This day is considered as the annual celebration in which they praise the art and beauty of photography. Along with that, there are a lot of exhibitions that reorganized on this day to represent some amazing photos.

19 August- World Humanitarian Day

This day is celebrated in the memory of workers who give their lives in working for humanity and give their support to the people while suffering from any of the diseases.

20 August- World Mosquito Day

This day is celebrated to aware of people of the diseases and the impacts caused by a female mosquito named Anopheles. This day memorizes Sir Ronald Ross who discovered Malaria in 1897.

20 August- Sadbhavana Divas

This day is celebrated in the memory of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as their birth anniversary. This day aims to spread affection, national integration, communal harmony, and peace.

20 August- Indian Akshay Urja Day

This day is celebrated to praise the actions that are taken to improve the level of renewable resources. The first celebrated is done in 2004 in New Delhi.

22 August- Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Vinaya Chaturthi is celebrated among the Hindus on the arrival of Ganesha to earth from Kailash Parvat with his mother Goddess Parvati. The whole week is marked to celebrate this festival. People install Clay idols of Lord Ganesha in their homes or pandals and pray them by offering Modaks and sweets. 

22 August- Madras Day

On this day, Madras which is now Chennai has been founded. To honor and to celebrate this day, the entire week is grandeur and rejoiced. The whole city is being decorated beautifully to lighten up on this day. 

22 August- Athachamayam Festival

Athachamayam is one of the most iconic cultural festivals of India, which rejoices the heroic triumph of the royal king of Kochi. On this day the local people wear traditional outfits and enjoys folk dance and music. 

23 August- International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition This day is celebrated in the memory of the British slave trade rule. it was chosen by the adoption of the resolution 29 C/40 Organization’s General Conference at the 29th session. 

23 August- European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism

This day is also known as Black Ribbon Day and this day is celebrated in the memory of victims of Stalinist, communist, fascist and Nazi regimes.

26 August- Women`s Equality Day

This day is dedicated to the promotion of equality and the rights that are given to the women of the US. These rights include the right to vote and many other rights.

29 August- National Sports Day

This day is celebrated in the memory of Indian Hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. On this day, Dhyan was born in Prayagraj in 1905. He was the captain of the Indian Hockey team and won several medals in hockey.

30 August- Small Industry Day

This day is celebrated for praising the contribution of small industries in producing weapons and vehicles for the U.S. military. In this production, very few people are included.

31 August- Hari Merdeka

This day is considered as the official independence day of Malaysia. This decision is defined under Article 160 of the constitution of Malaysia. All the official and unofficial ceremonies take place on this day.

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