Manav Sangwan Recommended For TES 45 Indian Army AIR-34

Manav has achieved AIR-34 in Technical Entry Scheme TES-45 entry of Indian Army. He cleared the SSB interview and got recommended his 1st attempt in TES entry. He is sharing his experiences and SSB journey for defence aspirants and future officers.

How To Prepare For The SSB Interview?

An ideal situation doesn’t exist and that’s why even if the aspirants can give above their 70-80%, they will surely get the recommendation. Before undertaking any exam, we must keep in mind a few facts and rules in our mind that are concrete in approach and results means they will surely give you desirable outcomes if followed with entire sincerity and discipline.

SSB is a task for you that you have to successfully achieve and you have to complete it anyhow. Understand the task, identify your resources or gather them in minimum time, get our clock running and set a deadline, fully comprehend the plan and if in doubt – ask, run through your action plan and chase the goal like a madman. You don’t have any other option other than achieving your goal as failure will take you 6 months behind.

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