NDA 1 2022 SSB Interview Dates [UPDATE]


NDA 1 2022 Result was published on 10th May 2022, around 8,262 candidates cleared the NDA 1 2022 written exam for NDA 149 course. After the NDA 1 2022 result, many successful candidates are waiting for the NDA 149 SSB interview dates. The date selection link for NDA-149 and NA-111 courses are open and candidates can check more details on the official career website of the Indian Army.

NDA 1 2022 Army SSB Interview Centre

UPSC has published the NDA 1 2022 result and around 8,262 candidates have cleared the NDA exam, these candidates are going to face the NDA SSB interview soon. For candidates who have cleared the written exam and now waiting for the NDA SSB interview but are not aware of the procedure, do not worry, in this article we are going to explain the next step you need to follow after clearing the NDA exam. The SSB interview dates for NDA 149 and NA 111 course is open for allocation now. Candidates get the chance to select their own SSB dates for the NDA SSB interview, this makes it easier for aspirants to attend the SSB interview without fail. Below you can find more details on NDA 1 2022 SSB interview details.

NDA 1 2022 Army SSB Interview Centre

  • SSB Allahabad
  • SSB Bhopal
  • SSB Bangalore
  • SSB Kapurthala

NDA 1 2022 Airforce SSB Interview Centre

  • 1 AFSB Dehradun
  • 2 AFSB Mysore
  • 3 AFSB Gandhinagar
  • 4 AFSB Varanasi
  • 5 AFSB Kanchrapara

NDA 1 2022 Navy SSB Interview Centre

  • NSB Coimbatore
  • SSB Bhopal
  • SSB Bangalore
  • SSB Kolkata

NDA 1 2022 SSB Interview Date Details:

  • SSB interview of NDA – 149 and NA – 111. Candidates of NDA-149 and NA-111 Course are not required to carry their UPSC admit card/application at the time of SSB interview. They are required to carry identity proof with requisite documents mentioned in the call-up instructions of the SSB center. Their credentials will be checked against details received from UPSC.
  • Registration NDA-149 & NA-111. The candidature of all the candidates whose Roll Nos. are shown in the list is provisional. In accordance with the conditions of their admission to the examination, “candidates are requested to register themselves online on the Indian Army Recruiting website joinindianarmy.nic.in within two weeks of announcement of written result. The successful candidates would then be allotted Selection Centres and dates of SSB interview which shall be communicated on registered e-mail ID. Any candidate who has already registered earlier on the site will not be required to do so. In case of any query/Login problem, e-mail be forwarded to dir-recruiting6- mod@nic.in.”
  • SSB Date Selection (All Entries): There are no absentee batches for any entry. Candidates are advised to select their dates with due diligence.
  • Candidates must make a profile with correct details on joinindianarmy website and then wait for the NDA 1 2022 ssb date selection to go live.
  • Candidates can select the desired NDA SSB interview date out of given dates, but make sure you check other things like reservation and booking and your own convenience before selecting a date.
  • Make sure, while registering you use the same email id as used in UPSC portal while registering for NDA exam.
  • In case of any doubt, contact the official website joinindianarmy and dir-recruiting6-mod@nic.in

In a brief reply “What is the SSB Interview process” we can say SSB interview or service selection board interview is a recruitment process under which a candidate’s skills are tested intellectually, physically, psychologically, and through group activities. There are mainly two ways a candidate can get qualify for an SSB interview: First, he/she has cleared the written exam based on a particular type of entry; Second, a candidate can be selected on the merit list prepared on the basis of candidates academic records. Below discus are the types of entries to get recruited in the Indian Armed Force as a commissioned officer.

SSB Interview Best Online Classes Schedule [Daily Live Classes Batch]

1SSB Interview Online Course Introduction
2Introduction Of OIR and Practice Session I
3OIR Practice Session II
4Introduction of PPDT and Practice Session I
5PPDT Practice Session II
6Complete Screening Test Practice (OIR & PPDT)
7Overview Of Psych Test
8Introduction of TAT And Practice Session I
9Introduction of WAT And Practice Session I
10Introduction of SRT And Practice Session I
11Introduction of SDT And Practice Session I
12Complete Psych Test Practice (TAT, WAT, SRT & SDT)
13Introduction of PIQ Form And Guidance
14Introduction of Personal Interview And Discussion
15Individual Personal Interview Sessions
16Introduction of GTO And Tips
17 AIntroduction of GD And Practice Session I
17 BGD Practice Session II
18Introduction of GPE And Practice Session I
19GPE Practice Session II
20Introduction of Lecturette And Practice Session I
21Complete Overview Of SSB Interview Process & Feedback

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