5 Personality Traits You Must Build Up For SSB Interview Preparation

Personal Interview is one of the observational techniques used in the selection procedure at the SSB’s. Briefly, the interview technique consists of establishing an effective two way communication process between the interviewer and interviewee for transfer of information. In this situation, the two people interact freely and establish contact or ‘rapport’ with one another. The interviewee is encouraged to take progressively larger part and has to do the maximum of the talking process.

The Interviewing Officer tries to estimate the individual’s planning and organizing ability, his ability to communicate ideas clearly, his ability to work with others in a group, his level of emotional stability to tolerate stressful situations and finally, his potential growth mainly through careful probing into his past development history. During the interview, the Interviewing Officer (I.O) keeps a close watch on the facial expressions and body language of the individual, which provides critical supplementary information to assess a personality and evaluate his suitability for the job.



5 Personality Traits You Must Build Up For SSB Interview Preparation


  • Rapport Building:O creates an environment for interview. I.O establishes a rapport with the individual through casual talks bringing the candidate in his/her comfort zone. Series of undisputed questions are thrown so as to make candidate frank and truthful.
  • Rapid Fire: A series or a bunch of questions either 10 to 15 or 20 depending upon your intellectual level is fired which includes family and educational background, sports and extra-curricular background and likewise. Testing candidate’s priority, intellectual capacity, his/her retaining capacity, panic points.
  • Routine: It is established that the daily routine shapes one’s personality. It gives certain individual information like punctuality, commitment, sense of responsibility, accountability, motivation, persistence etc.
  • Personal Achievements: The achievements of the individual are it in any field like education, sports, extra-curricular activities, or anything else that the person would like to mention. This would reveal his level of aspiration and motivation.
  • Hobbies, Interests and Likings: What sort of hobbies does one pursue, what type of people, food, friends, places, books, role models, favourite actors, personalities etc are all asked to judge candidates liking and dislikes.

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