Prepare Yourself For The NDA SSB Interview From 11th Standard Onward Part 1

Many students have an aim of joining the Indian Armed Forces (Indian Army, Many, Airforce) through qualifying NDA exam after 10th. Well, one thing that you need to note down is “NDA exam requires a lot of preparations to get success”. Choosing Indian Armed Forces as a career option through NDA is a matter of honour. If your goal is also to join Defence then NDA is one of the best options. As a minimum qualification to apply for the NDA exam is 12th, so you must start preparing for NDA from class 11itself. In this way, you will get at least 1.5 years to prepare for the NDA exam.

The candidates have to go through the NDA written exam and SSB Interview to get selected. Well, these two stages are quite tough to qualify. You need to do a lot of hard work to get success. You can go through this page to get an idea of how you can prepare for the NDA exam from the 11th standard.

Know the NDA Exam and Pattern of SSB Interview procedure
The first information that you need to collect to start preparation for the NDA exam is the syllabus and examination pattern. Go through the syllabus and then start preparing for the NDA exam according. The examination pattern will help you to get an idea about the question paper pattern of the NDA exam. The candidates have to go through a couple of tests to qualify SSB Interview like Screening Test (PPDT), Group Discussion, Personal Interview, Situation Reaction Test, Word Association Test, Progressive Group Task, Final Group Task, Command Task, Physical Test, Conference Round, etc.

You shouldn’t wait until the NDA Written results get released as SSB is more related to our personality development aspects along with related psychology that is a result of lifestyle you lead in your daily life. You would be knowing that SSB focuses on gauging out your subconscious responses in most of the tasks and what you are doing in those tasks is a reflection of what you do in your life. This is possible only when you have aligned your psychology with your personality by your daily actions and routine.

Assessors are looking for candidates who are showing optimum Officer Like Qualities and what a better way to show them other than living and implementing them in your daily life. This article aims at providing you information about the path you should choose and the line of action which you should follow in your daily lives that can enhance your personality and chances for getting recommendation in the NDA SSB Interview as well.

During our class 11th and afterwards, most of us keep a lethargic mindset and think that we should start SSB preparation after writing the NDA Exam. But, you should start your SSB preparation way before that if you are following a correct course of action and clear in your approach regarding your life ahead about entering NDA. Remember, SSB is a test of your personality and psychology that you have acquired over many years by your experiences and actions pertaining to them. Since you are an NDA aspirant – you can work on your behaviour and qualities easily and it is believed that your personality hasn’t been hardened and can be moulded into desirable traits. This is where you can work, improvise, and enhance your personality as well as related psychology.

Most of the aspirants used to lack mentorship and access to knowledge-based information about SSB but right now the plethora of information is bombarded upon aspirants which make them often confused. They find themselves helpless in making a decision regarding what to follow or what not to follow and that’s where the conflicts in the personality as well as in psychology begin. What if we started preparing for the SSB interview without affecting our ongoing studies? Won’t it give you an advantage when the call letter will come as you will not have to hurry up for the preparation in a confused manner? We can start the preparation for SSB months back even when the results of NDA exams aren’t released or even if the written exam hasn’t been conducted.

For a sure shot selection in SSBs, you need to incorporate it in your lifestyle rather than just creating a façade just for the few days. Those who have been to SSB know that SSB is a life-changing experience and it changes a person’s thinking and personality in one way or another. Let’s find out what things and actions that you can put into your routine which will help you in achieving your ultimate goal of joining NDA, Khadakwasla.

Participate And Initiate
Participating in the school events, competitions, inter as well as intra-school, and house competitions will change your personality into a leader and a social influencer who is ready to enter and participate in games and competitions. These competitions bring out your qualities while polishing them and by participating in them you will let go of your many fears such as stage fear, public speaking, initiating things, interacting with strangers, talking to the opposite sex, fear of rejection and will definitely improve your communication skills in a great manner. All those stage performances, debates, club meetings, event management activities which may seem silly to you are a game-changer as per as your credentials in SSB will concern, as armed forces need a leader and not a basement dweller.

Participating in everything, even when you don’t want to will present you with a different perspective of things and will enhance your way of thinking. When you will take a lead to do something, it is evident that you will come across many hurdles and you will work your way to clear them to the best of your knowledge and understanding. You will win in some and that will boost your confidence that you can take on anything while you will also lose in some and it will humble you down while making you work hard for the upcoming ones.

Be Responsible And Accountable
There will be a guy in your class who will take any kind of responsibility or work and will help out people and he will be the centre of your jokes. If you want a recommendation, then be that guy. Your peers shouldn’t bother you but your aim should be for the long run of having a sense of responsibility and accountability. There are a lot of events and competitions going on in the school or at places near your house and you should volunteer to handle some kind of responsibility in them. It will make you learn about how to take an initiative and how to handle things with many people around of various viewpoints.

Trust me; you won’t fumble if you will learn this skill and will be better at taking initiative in SSBs as well as anywhere else in your life. Better ingrain it in your senses because you are required to initiate things at your own will and not by pushing by anyone. Remember, no work is lowly or high as it’s all about your thinking and the perspective of how you take things. Take pride in what you do and maintain your self-respect, swallow your ego, and get to work. Any kind of task that is given to you should be done without any fail and anything that has been given to you is a task whether it is told by your father to get the service of your vehicle done or by your mother to fetch vegetables from the market. See everything from a point of view of getting a task done while evaluating your resources available and time in hand.

Know The Practical Usage Of Your Studies
You needn’t be a topper for this sort of thing but you must be aware of all the basics of your stream. For example, if you are a PCM guy then you must have knowledge regarding all the basic principles of your subjects. You will not only be asked questions from your streams but their practical usage in the form of basic applications of theories and principles in the interview. For example, the concept of the cantilever is very important for the GTO tasks and we all know how much of edge a candidate has when he is well versed with these topics theoretically as well as practically.

Similarly, if you are in NCC or in any other organization then you must proceed ahead with learning all about the basics of your graduation subjects. You should attend as many camps and events as you can to learn and to do things that are relevant to what you are doing in that organization or school. Remember, you will have to carve out the opportunities for yourself and they will not be given to you automatically. You needn’t be a topper but you are required to get your basics sorted out and you can’t afford to not answer to the interviewer that you don’t have any knowledge about the basic principle behind the working of a ship or aircraft if you have studied physics. Similarly, other practices and applications can be related to other fields and domains of study as well.

Robust Physique And Sports
You can’t ignore the role of good physique and sports-related skills in your life as well as in the SSB. Many candidates are a part of this misconception that you don’t need a good physique as they only see and evaluate other factors and will train you in the academy. First impression matters and if you are not in a good shape then the very first thing anyone or rather the assessor will assume about you is that you are not active and rather a dull person, it will also lower your confidence when you will encounter a candidate with a good physique.

You needn’t be aspiring for abs but just maintain a lean physique that can give you a good and presentable look. If you will participate in sports or will take any team sports, it will develop many skills along with your required physical fitness. There are certain qualities that will be enhanced by team games such as team spirit, coordination, interpersonal skills, handling pressure, and decision making. Being involved in sports will also make your discipline and who knows if you will make it to the nationals or beyond. We all know how good a sportsperson is received by the interviewer in the SSB and how their credentials speak for them. There are numerous benefits of taking sports and don’t take them just for the sake of SSB, take them because you want to have fun while learning new things.

The above were some general tips that one can follow to increase the prospects of getting recommendations in the NDA SSB Interview if practised from 11th standard onwards. These points will not only help you in becoming a better version of you but will reshape your personality in a positive manner that will leave its mark among people. You can follow these tips to make yourself a better and suitable candidate for NDA SSB Interview. But to clear the written exam for NDA is a humongous task and the competition is fierce. Then what should you do to boost your performance in written exams? We all know that this is an excellent time to try new things that technology has brought at your steps such as Online Courses.

Taking NDA Written Online courses will not only give you access to full-length quality lectures but will also provide the facility to take standardized mock tests for comparative study and growth. You can take multiple quizzes after each lesson in order to ensure the full understanding of the subject along with creating your own customized lesson plans. You can check out the course content along with other important specifics at SSBCrack exams. You can also access them through the SSBCrackExams App available in the google play store.

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