11 Productive Things Defence Aspirants Can Do In Quarantine

Well, if you are educated enough, by this moment you would be knowing the seriousness and the extent of the dangers of the Corona Virus and the importance of staying at your own home, self-quarantine and stay healthy. But this is once in a million opportunity for us to grow even by staying at home. As said, where there is a will, there is way; wherever you are, your level of preparation must not reduce, and your level of confidence must not decrease. Here are some things I put forward to you, so that you can both learn and grow with both fun and fusion of thoughts and actions. Here you go.

Keep Smart Exercising.

Do yoga this time. All those aspirants who are busy spending time in gymnasiums, by doing yoga, now you will know the level of flexibility of your body. Various different pranayamas and breathing exercises can tell the level of strength your cardiac muscles possess. Jump at the same place – few Army and Air Force personnel can tell you and show you what star jumps are. If you are able to do a thirty, do fifty next time. Reached the goal, do seventy. There is no end. Keep in mind that you sweat at your place and you did have a pumping workout. There are N number of videos out there that might help you in this. Finally, you will also tend to realize the level of importance the home workouts pose and why, in some cases, the gyms are not viable.

Eat less, eat frequently.

Do not spend time in eating a lot the whole day. Once the weight gains, it becomes even more strenuous to reduce the weight first and then keep the jog more stable further. Keep the faith that this Corona will end up in our country someday soon, then what? How can you serve your dreams what they need? The good way of making things go the proper way is by eating less, very less and very frequent – like once an hour. Eat good fruits and dry fruits and do drink sufficient fruit juices and lemon water – of course, all must be washed thoroughly before using. What you are doing by this methodology is that you are equipping your body for more difficult cases further. In future, hunger won’t be a problem to you, while you are being trained in the Defence Academies.

Reading and writing.

This purely means to study. And this is one thing no one does. Exactly when you get time to sit and wind up all your pending works, why don’t you grab this opportunity? Imagine who gets this level of time? We must actually be lucky that time and all things out there have stopped for us and we have tremendous opportunity to grow. Sit and learn. One lesson may be for today. Two should be your goal tomorrow. Growth is important. Remember that. Once stagnated, no one can stop your degradation, not even yourself.

Cleaning the old rooms.

All these days, you might be complaining that you never got time to clean your room. So now is the chance. 70% studies show that a person’s room is a symbolic personification of how he thinks. The messier, the more problematic. Now don’t tell me that even Sherlock Holmes’ room was never neat. You and me both know – we aren’t as intelligent as him. And we absolutely know that mere having a messy room will not give you intelligence. If it did, you would have been an officer way before. Not sitting and reading this now! So dear patriots, do not waste time. Clean the shelves, wash the clothes and bedsheets “with detergent” and make yourself aware of your surroundings. Trust me, a clean room will remind you your strengths and weaknesses. Try it.


This simple word is something almost every human knows. And no one does. No problem. Probably, you might not have experienced the power of it. Ever imagined what is the world’s most sophisticated system in this planet? Is it a rocket? No. Is it a satellite? No. Is it a super-computer? No. The answer is YOU. Yes you. You are the most sophisticated system on this planet. Your body does tremendous number of things no one can’t imagine. And your brain does things that even the most famous scientists and medical practitioners can’t fully formulate. And who is the owner of that excellent system? You. And how do you use that excellent system? As lazy as possible. You think all negative thoughts, do all wrong things, break all promises and say nonsense to people and you expect yourself to grow and become great? How could you imagine that you become a defence officer and serve nation when you couldn’t formulate the ways of serving your own brain and body what it needs?

So you might ask me – what does your brain and body need? Answer is simple. Feed your body with good food. Feed your brain with positive thoughts. And this task is not as easy as explained in words. It is really hard to eliminate the negativity from your brain. Master meditating. Once you do this, you master yourself. And the moment you master yourself, as Swami Vivekananda says, you can master the whole universe.

Learn a new art.

Have a guitar and didn’t had time learning it? Well, learn now. Paint somethings, even abstract will work. Work with your interests. Keep things forward. Learn dancing. Moreover, you can even try learning a new language. This will keep the cognitive cells of your brain alive. Research shows that when at young age you develop keen and faster learning habits, you will have greater possibility of retaining large information and validating tremendous amounts of data as your age broadens.

Put things on paper.

This is what you will be doing while you are at the SSB and are undergoing the Psychological tests. In this way, you can always keep working. Take some paper and write about yourself. Be blunt and truthful. Write what all you saw and what all you want to experience. In fact, write everything that comes to your mind. Slowly and slowly, once all the pages pile up, you will realise where you are going wrong. In fact, you won’t need me or any other motivational speaker for your upliftment. You will become your own teacher and master.

Learn cooking.

This is something that girls love when boys are good at it. Jargons aside, you must have a good knowledge about the food resources and the way of cooking. These days, especially in defence, cooking is a vital part of survival. Learn it. Some day or the other, you will be thankful to yourself for knowing it. After all, the way to reach a person’s heart is through his/her stomach. Isn’t it?

Building vocabulary?

I would be exquisitely astonished and equally enthusiast in knowing the level of thirst you possess for this western language. Not by embezzlement or by appropriation, but by self-exploration and constant vibe to speak the jargons will make you more levelled and learned. Having a new level of vocabulary is itself an indomitable boost to your self-confidence. Try learning new words. 

Explore ways to save money.

Is it necessary that you should have this knowledge only when you start learning?

Is it necessary that you should have this knowledge only after earning more? Is it necessary that you should have this knowledge only when you are earning low?

Good movie watching.

I personally do not recommend binge watching – however, some movie freaks out there will love to do that. Only concern is to take care of your eyes. Remember, your eyes contain extremely special cells called as rods and cones. These are the ones that make you differentiate between colours. And the number of rods and cones is fixed. No new rods and cones can be formed once damaged. These special cells die with age generally. If you keep stressing your eyes, these will die faster. Then you have to cry for getting some lens and spectacles. Don’t take it that level. Watch good movies. Not the filthy ones and the local entertainers, but something more knowledgeable.

Interact with parents and people

You never know what secrets lie in the life of your mom and dad. Sit with them. Spend time with them. After all this is the moment. Someday, either you or they will leave this planet first. Not just with the parents, but also with the people. You know that your presence is temporary. Why to create false image of yourself and try becoming famous and earn money for nothing but just for earning more? Yes, you heard it right. Some people earn money just to earn more money. Isn’t it ridiculous? Understand the waves of life. Once the time passes, it passes. Let that be happy or sad, it will never come back. Remember that.

Ever heard about this short story?

Arjuna asks Krishna – “Vasudev, can you tell me one thing that makes me both happy and sad at the same time?”

And Krishna replies with a deep smile – “This time will pass away!”

Hope I didn’t bore you.

Stay tuned with SSBCrack for more interactive content. We need you healthy. Please do not go out of your house. Wear stars on your shoulders, but don’t go there so soon. ?

Jai Hind!


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