20 Questions Asked During SSB Conference

The 5th day at SSB brings the excess of excitement among the candidates as that day decides their destiny somehow. But before the results, candidates had to go through to the SSB interview’s conference test. Though many candidates do not take it seriously as they think that all the tasks are over now and their full personality is assessed, the Conference also holds importance as other SSB interview tests.

About Conference Day

The Conference generally starts at 9:00 in the morning. Though candidates are provided with proper instructions one day before the Conference. During the Conference, candidates encounter with many officers simultaneously, which might make them nervous. All the GTOs, Psychologists, and Interviewing Officers are seated in a semicircular type of table. Generally, a conference varies from 2-3 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on whether a candidate is a doubt case or not. It is believed that the Conference takes more time if a candidate is in doubt case or has been recommended by two testing officers and the third one is pending. Candidates are called one by one and asked specific questions during the Conference. Though the Conference is of smaller time duration, there are limited questions that are more possibly to be asked. Below I will be providing you all with some questions that are being asked in the SSB Conference.

Frequently asked questions

  • How was your stay?
  • How was your current SSB Experience?
  • How many friends did you made here?
  • What did you learned from this SSB?
  • Do you have any suggestions regarding the improvement of SSB?
  • Rank yourself among your GTO group?
  • In which task you think you have performed your best?
  • Rank your performance in all the three tests during SSB.
  • In which task do you think you could have been performed better?
  • Did you went out anywhere with your friends?
  • Which places did you visited in the city?
  • What will you do if not selected this time?
  • How would you compare your current SSB attempt among your previous SSBs?
  • Rate this SSB among other SSBs you have visited?
  • Why were you not able to make it during your previous SSB attempts? Questions from the interview may be asked to recheck them.
  • Sometimes Situations are also asked.
  • GK questions which you have been not able to answer during the interview.


More or less, we see that the Conference occurs for a concise time, but the thing we have to keep in mind is that we do not have to lower our motivation and courage for that short time. Never put your morale down thinking about the results but give your best to the Conference too. Whatever be the results, always remember one thing that everything teaches us something.

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