Recommended For Indian Navy Executive Branch From NSB Vizag

I am Abhishek Sharma and I recently got recommended in Indian Navy for the Executive Branch from NSB VIZAG, Vishakhapatnam. Overall 3SSBs and 3 Conferences and 1 Recommendation in 1 year. To give a little idea about myself, I hail from beautiful Distt. Jammu of the most sensational Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir glorified with the regular stories of countless brave soldiers, police officers, bureaucrats and many more who have stood strong against all odds and even laid their lives to protect the integrity and sovereignty of the territory of Republic Of India. This is where I got motivation from and thus I became a Belt Force Aspirant (Indian  Police Service included).

My journey of SSBs started back in November 2019 where I gave my 1st SSB at NSB Kolkata ( unfortunately was Conferenced out){though I loved the beautiful and peaceful scenic outskirts of sunderbans,  centre’s personal Hoogli river bridge and its sunset and constant encounters with monitored lizards in premises}. My second failure was in December 2019 where I gave 2nd SSB for IAF at 3AFSB Gandhinagar but result was again same(conferenced out){though I love the Akshardham Temple Water Show experience}.

Failure teaches a lot of valuable lessons.”

My father often say this to me and at the time I am a little down he gives me the example of Famous Dogra Ruler Gulab Singh( Maharaja Gulab Singh ne Dogra ka Bharosa ek General Zoravar Singh Kahluria mein dekha aur usi bharose ne Ladakh, Tibet, Baltistan jaise rigorous terrains conquest kiye, tujhe to bs khud pe bharosa karna hai aur apne andar ke drawbacks pe conquest karna hai. Apply the teachings of Maharaja Gulab Singh outside you and be like General Zoravar Singh inside you).

And my whole lockdown went in my preparation of both written, as I am a Mechanical graduate and am a living victim of mechanical cut off so no direct entries, and my SSB more holistically. I paid emphasis on my psychology and worked majorly on my SD and tried to connect and reflect my SD in my TAT- WAT-SRTs, GTO tasks and IO and this way I gave my 3rd SSB at NSB VIZAG and I got recommended there on November 2 2020 and my first few calls were to the real mentors of my life( my MOM DAD, Dii Jijz, Ishank Bhai, my real mirrors Amit, Hira, Anubhav, Rahul and Aman and my hidden arsenal and constant support system Twinkle and my lucky charm Paru). They all strongly deserve the mention.

Putting in a nutshell SSBs are not at all competitive by nature, they are the platforms where you present yourself and if you possess all what is required to be a military leader you will be happily recommended. SSB never reject a candidate, they either recommends or not, it is the medical where you face rejection on the basis of your medical grounds. So if you take SSB as a platform responsible for selection rather than rejection a new perspective of preparation will open and you all will see things differently. Right now my eyes are on helping such persons who are facing this issue and at te same time I am heading to face few more defence exams and UPSC exams because of the unpredictable future… so a constant path of  preparation and progress must be followed till you completely succeed.

All in all Be super happy because happy minds give happy results and out perform your weaknesses in your next shot.

All the best


Abhishek Sharma


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