Russia delivers the third regiment of S-400 to India

Russia has delivered the third squadron of the S-400 air defence system to India. This S-400 squadron is stationed near the Pakistani border to combat aerial attacks on Punjab and northern Rajasthan. The delivery of the third S-400 squadron is an assurance against any attack from Pakistan for India, which is fighting two enemies on two fronts in the form of China and Pakistan.

India can also shift its deployment from the western front to the eastern front as needed or in the event of increased tension from China. The first S-400 squadron from Russia arrived in India in December 2021, followed by the second squadron in April 2022. Despite being embroiled in a conflict with Ukraine, Russia delivered the third squadron in February 2023.

The Indo-Russia Agreement on the S-400

In 2018, India struck a large defense deal with Russia worth Rs 35000 crore, under which India would receive five squadrons of S-400 from Russia. A squadron consists of 16 vehicles. An S-400 system can repel an attack from a variety of enemy weapons, including drones and ballistic missiles, over a 400-kilometre radius.

Importance of the S-400 to India

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has deployed its first S-400 squadron near Pathankot, from which any Chinese air attack on Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, or Uttarakhand can be thwarted. The same squadron will be used to counter Pakistani air strikes on Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab.

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The second S-400 squadron has been deployed to protect West Bengal’s Siliguri Corridor. Personnel from the Indian Air Force (IAF) have completed S-400 training in Russia and are now ready to deploy the system. China has a large arsenal of missiles of various ranges that it can use against India. Pakistan has also developed missiles as its primary weapon with China’s assistance. Because of Pakistan’s volatile political situation and the growing influence of fundamentalists in the army, fears of using these missiles against India have grown.

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The S-400 system is also used by China for air defence. That is why India required this system to ensure its security. At the same time, India is vulnerable to air attacks from both Pakistan and China, necessitating the development of an accurate and long-range air defence system. Because China has greatly increased its missile stock by beefing up its rocket force.

How Does The S-400 Operate?

The S-400’s radar begins tracking the enemy’s air attack from a distance of 500 kilometers away and destroys the enemy’s missile when it comes into range. To intercept air attacks, the Indian Air Force (IAF) employs the Israeli Spyder air defence system in addition to the indigenous Akash air defence system, MRSAM, a medium-range missile defence system developed in collaboration with Israel. However, with the introduction of the S-400, India’s air defence has become nearly impregnable.

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