10 Sample SRTs and How To Answer Them

SRT stands for Situation Reaction Test. This test is conducted on day-2, Stage-II. It is one among various psychology tests that appears on the third number. As the name suggests, the Situation Reaction Test, In this candidate, is provided with printed booklets in which particular situations are described, and they are asked to respond to them simultaneously. The total time duration of the test is 30 minutes. A total of 60 situations are given in the booklet, and 30 seconds are provided to respond and write it.

Though as such, no unique skill set is required to solve these. The test is conducted to reveal the real personality of a candidate. This is also a test of common sense which tells about reasoning ability, decision-making capabilities, maturity, and empathy of candidates. Below are 10 SRTs and solutions for how to answer them:

1. You see a thief snatching women’s purse as the train starts to move forward on the railway station. What will you do?

Solution. Here as the train has started moving so, first, we need to pull the chain so that the train can be stopped. Then being a socially responsible person, we must stop certain things happening around us. We will catch the culprit and not only this but give him to the Railway Police Force. Later we will return the chain to the lady and continue our journey.

Answer. Pull the chain to stop the train, catch the thief, hand him over to RPF, Return lady’s chain, and continue the journey.

2. He was all set for SSB, but unfortunately, there was a sad demise of his family member. He

Solution. Our presence is vital with the family during the wrong time, but it is past, which cannot be changed, but in the future, you have something that can make you and your family proud and happy. So, while controlling your emotions, you have to give our full console, motivation to family, and then leave for SSB.

Answer. Provide console and motivation to the family, go to SSB, and clear it.

3. Two days before the semi-final match of a tournament, his doubles badminton partner had to go out of station due to urgent work. What will he do?

Solution. Leaving the match at this stage for the simple reason might be a little bit foolish. Instead of this, we can manage another partner, practice, and coordinate with him and play the match.

Answer. Find another partner, practice with him, coordinate with him, play the match, and win it.

4. The pointed day of his sister’s wedding had arrived, but his father was held up in the UK so he

Solution. The first thing that might come after reading this is to cancel the wedding. This plan might not work as cards are distributed, and the guest has also arrived. Instead, we can take responsibility on our shoulder. We, with our friends and relatives, can manage the preparations. We can distribute works and make marriage happen happily. Meanwhile, we will coordinate on the phone with our father.

Answer. Coordinate with father on the phone, manage the preparations, take help from friends and relatives, distribute duties, and make the marriage happen.

5. He is assigned a difficult task, which he has not done earlier. He

Solution. Though, thinking the task being difficult and leaving it shows cowardness. Instead of this, we need to accept it with bravery. We can learn more about it through the internet or books and also take help from our friends. This shows that the candidate is willing to take on new challenges.

Answer. Develop knowledge about it, take help from books and the internet, complete the task.

6. While going for an interview, he saw a high-speed car rushed with a boy in front of him. He

Solution. In such cases of an accident, it is good to note down the car number first so that later we can find the culprit. Without much delay, we have to take him to the nearby hospital with the help of nearby passing vehicles. Meanwhile, we also need to inform the company and tell them why you might get late. Ensure proper medication and also inform police by providing them with the car number. Inform the boys’ relatives/parents about the situation and leave for the interview as soon as possible.

Answer. Note down the car number, rush towards the injured boy, take him to a nearby hospital with the help of a passerby vehicle, ensure treatment, inform the police and his parents, and go back for interview.

7. He was to appear for an exam, and all of a sudden, the curfew was imposed in that area. He

Solution. In this, you have to know that during curfew, certain things work like examinations and hospitals. So, instead of leaving the exam you can contact nearby police, tell them about the situation, and even show them admit card so that they can take you to the exam hall with them.

Answer. Contact nearby police station, inform them about the exam, show them admit card, go to the center with them, and give the exam.

8. When he went into the bathroom, he suddenly saw a snake on the floor. He

Solution. In this situation, without panicking, your first step should be to inform others about the situation so that everybody can be safe. With the help of a long stick, we can safely take him away, and either you can kill him, or you can also release him to any safer place. This will show bravery and social responsibility.

Answer. Inform family members about it, with the help of a stick carefully take him out, leave him at a safer place.

9. You are given a job you are not interested in. You

Solution. In life, there come many things in which sometimes we get interested and sometimes not. As it is given as a job, we must complete it. We can generate interest in it by having more knowledge about it.

Answer. Create interest by developing knowledge, learn more about it, explore it, and do it.

10. He was ironing his clothes when suddenly he received an electric shop, and they noticed the wire

Solution. Here, the first step is to switch off the main supply so that the electric current can stop and other equipment is not damaged. For the fire, use any blanket or sand as water is dangerous to be used for electricity fire. Later you can get the things repaired and take care of next time.

Answer. Switch off the main supply, with the help of blanket or sand extinguish the fire, get equipment repaired and take care of it next time.

In this test, the situations are related to day-to-day real-life problems, so you should be able to act appropriately. Every situation you counter should be solved practically in a logical manner that can be performed in reality. Try to put good handwriting with no cutting. Leaving any situation in between leaves a little wrong impression, but if you are stuck in one, you may leave it and move to next. Here, you can answer in short using commas as the time is less for writing, and this can also help you to attempt more of them. Moreover, practicing them before would help you during the real test.

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    1. Sai

      In 3rd example. You said to leave the partner and find a new one. Its a bit hard to pratice with new one in such a short period of time. Insted of that you an go along with him and help him to finish is work with in time and participate with him
    2. m shatanand sharma

      in 7 th srt if there is curfew in one area also then the exam will be cancelled so the correct answer will be he contacted the people who conducted the exam and got to know that the exam was postponed or cancelled

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