How To Score 150+ Marks In NDA English Section

This statement may seem impossible to imagine, but it is not so. Out of total 200 marks in English Section in the NDA exam, it is possible to score 150 or more than that, if you follow certain tips and tricks. You know that English consists of one of the two sections in GAT or General Ability Paper and consists of 50 questions carrying 4 marks for each correct answer. Most of the questions come from English Grammar, Vocabulary & Composition. There are, therefore, some ways through which you can achieve more than 150 marks out of 200 marks in the English section of your NDA exam. So, let’s start!

  • Check the English Syllabus & mark your weak spots

You have been learning and studying English as a part of your curriculum since your school days. Therefore, you know your weaknesses in the subject better than anyone. But first you need to check the English syllabus of NDA and then mark your areas of weaknesses. English Grammar or Vocabulary or both are mostly the weak spots for a majority of students.

  • Start dividing the no. of topics according to days and hours

Decide how much time you wish to devote for a particular topic. For e.g., to complete the topic, ‘Spotting of Errors’ it will take 5 days (if you are studying 6 hours per day) to 10 days (if you are studying 3 hours per day). Likewise, you can calculate the number of days you need to devote to finish each topic in English for your NDA exam.

  • Make a daily study plan

After you have set your aim at completing a particular topic within a particular time period, it is important for you to draw up a fixed and detailed study plan about completing certain portions or subtopics under the particular main topic, per day. This means you need to go for a time table that you need to follow as religiously and strictly as possible, everyday. Sometimes it is not possible to follow each and everything as per the timetable, but try as much as you can, to follow it, for most of the time.

  • Start with the weak areas

Some students tend to avoid or go through the topics they are weak at, just for the sake of studying. You can overcome this tendency, by starting with the topics you feel not so confident about. It will be difficult at first to grasp the concepts or the rules, especially grammatical rules in English, but make sure not to feel disheartened. Do not give up and continue with your task, and one day you will surely be able to achieve your aim and ace the areas you were once weak at!

  • Improve your vocabulary

While it is significant for you to study and memorise the grammatical rules and such, vocabulary in English should not be left behind. Make sure to learn 10 to 20 new words daily alongwith their synonyms and antonyms. Consult a dictionary or/and a thesaurus to know about the right usage of words in sentences. Listen to talk shows, podcasts. Watch English news channels or sports commentary in English. Read good English books & English newspapers and/ or magazines. This will not only help you to know and learn new words in English but will also help you to improve your general knowledge and Current affairs.

  • Don’t forget to revise!

When it comes to English in NDA exam, revision is the most crucial thing to do after you have completed studying all the topics. You tend to forget the grammatical rules or the new words you have learned everyday. To save yourself from such a catastrophe, don’t forget to revise. For dedicated & proper revision, you can make a Revision Time table for a fixed number of days, taking in account the fixed number of hours for each topic. Repeat the time table with new sets of dates, once you are done with your first round of revision. This should go on consecutively till you take your NDA English exam.

  • Practice, Practice & Practice!

As the old saying, practice is the only way to achieve perfection. Hence, to score more than 150 marks in NDA English, practice as much as you can. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to solve the questions in the NDA exam. Make sure that once you have got a knack of it, try to time your practice as time management practice will come handy to you in the real exam.

  • Take Mock tests

The best way to test yourself is to take mock tests that will really help you to know and understand your weak areas and will make to improvise on those parts for a better performance. Take the NDA Mock Tests designed by topnotch tutors and crafted exclusively as per the recent question trends with instant analytical reports and all-India ranking, all at

Follow these above tips to score more than 150 marks in English section in NDA exam, and to study the English topics as per the recent NDA syllabus, follow us at for detailed lectures, quizzes, sample practice papers, previous years’ QnA, mock tests and much more. Don’t forget to relax and taking breaks in between. Keep faith and believe in your dreams.

Jai Hind!

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