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SSB Interview TAT Practice Exercise Part 1

Thematic Apperception Test in SSB consists of a set of ambiguous pictures that will be shown to the candidate, while looking at these pictures candidates must create a theme like a story that requires a hero and a challenge, how the hero will overcome the crisis and succeed.

In TAT a candidate will be asked to write a story on his own based on the images shown. A candidate shouldn’t just use his memory blocks and start preparing a story, he/she needs to see that in every third or fourth line there are different meanings coming, try interpretation and analyze those meanings in the third person because that meaning shows the candidate’s state of mind.

TAT Picture 1

image 522

TAT Picture 1 Story

Due to meager representation of youngsters in the recruitment drive of the Army conducted recently, Suresh Kolte, a sports coach started to train the youngsters of Satana village in Maharashtra. He started with one boy. After a week the strength went to five. He scheduled morning and evening hours for exercises/race and day/evening for written preparation leaving 6 to 8 hours for other activities. For the entire month, he made them familiar with written and physical tests. From the next month, he made the entire course competitive. He started pointing towards the best one to follow the speed and maintain the time in physical as well as written practice session. Finally, out of 5, 4 got selected in the Army recruitment drive at the Southern Command, Pune. Seeing the results, many youngsters joined the centre and started taking training for the next batch.

TAT Picture 2

image 523

TAT Picture 2 Story

Two students of the 12 grade, Ram and Raghu were preparing for entrance exams at the Pinnacle Academy, Nagpur, Maharashtra. On the way back to their home, they used to eat the mangoes while trespassing into an orchard. On day, the gardener of the orchard caught both of them and started taking them to their parents. Ram confessed the fault with Raghu and requested not to take them to their parents. In return, they promised to do something for the farm. On coming Sunday, Ram and Raghu went along with their five friends. Along with the gardener, they cleaned the farm, repaired the boundary walls and sprayed pesticides. They promised the gardener to do this once in every month. The gardener became happy and gave them fruits and they all became friendly to each other.


  • Never try to copy a story from some other source. Always try to reflect your personality rather than life events.
  • It’s a well-known myth where people try to link it to their life by copying events and they are rejected.
  • Always give the age of characters, and write what led to the story, what happened in the action part and a proper ending to the story.
  • A psychologist is interested in extracting out the qualities rather than anything else, so don’t think it to be an English exam as the use of flashy words can’t save you if the story is psychologically wrong.

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