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SSB Interview TAT Practice Exercise Part 3

Thematic Apperception Test in SSB consists of a set of ambiguous pictures that will be shown to the candidate, while looking at these pictures candidates must create a theme like a story that requires a hero and a challenge, how the hero will overcome the crisis and succeed.

In TAT a candidate will be asked to write a story on his own based on the images shown. A candidate shouldn’t just use his memory blocks and start preparing a story, he/she needs to see that in every third or fourth line there are different meanings coming, try interpretation and analyze those meanings in the third person because that meaning shows the candidate’s state of mind.

TAT Picture 1

image 526

TAT Picture 1 Story

Every year due to lack of crop insurance awareness many farmers find it a challenge to overcome loss of crops due to natural disasters and prolonged seasons. Samuel Phillip, a 12th standard student from Wayanad, Kerala was also a NCC army wing Cadet. As an initiative, Samuel suggested the school principal that the students should carry out an awareness campaign of the various schemes issued by the Central Government. The principal applauded the idea and requested permission from the District Magistrate to carry out an awareness campaign of crop insurance in collaboration with school students, NCC cadets and some government officials. The permission was approved and a modulus operandi was formed for the activity to be carried out on a Sunday in various teams touching across all the villages of Wayanad. Samuel was asked to take lead of the students group and he judiciously carried out his responsibility by making each member aware of the schemes and groomed them well on how to approach the villagers. The next day this picture was in the front page of local Kerala newspapers showing the joy of villagers on this awareness campaign. Samuel was felicitated as the head boy of his school and also earned him recognition and appreciation from the District Magistrate.

TAT Picture 2

image 527

TAT Picture 2 Story

Venugopal and his close friends went to attend his cousin’s wedding when they noticed smoke near the catering area. Due to wind, one of the curtain cloth came in touch with the stove flame and was on the widespread. Soon panic struck and flames fumed over the entire place where it gathered attention. Venugopal and his friends, took lead of the situation. They helped the people to evacuate in the right direction, removed all the inflammable items like gas cylinders, curtains, etc. from the fire, doused the flames with buckets of water from the nearby tap, and used fire extinguishing cylinders on the fumes. They had also informed the Fire brigade and thereafter once they came and brought the situation under control, they alongwith the other invitees helped redecorating the venue, calmed all down, also helped the caterers to prepare food fast and effectively. The damage to life was none and damage to property was controlled. The wedding was completed with no further incident and all enjoyed. They were also praised by everyone present and they went home happy.


  • Never try to copy a story from some other source. Always try to reflect your personality rather than life events.
  • It’s a well-known myth where people try to link it to their life by copying events and they are rejected.
  • Always give the age of characters, and write what led to the story, what happened in the action part and a proper ending to the story.
  • A psychologist is interested in extracting out the qualities rather than anything else, so don’t think it to be an English exam as the use of flashy words can’t save you if the story is psychologically wrong.

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