SSB OIR Test Sample Questions

On day 1 of SSB interview candidates have to face the screening test, two rounds are conducted under this – the first OIR test and second is PPDT (picture perception and description test). Merit is created on the basis of the candidate’s performance in both tests. We can say that the first test conducted in the SSB interview is Officer Intelligence Rating Test, OIR test is a written exam consisting of 54-55 questions consisting of simple linguistic, logical, analytical, and mathematical questions to test the common sense of the candidates.

Officer Intelligence Rating Test Syllabus

Officer Intelligence Rating Test consists of two sections Verbal and Non-verbal:

Verbal section in Officer Intelligence Rating Test consists of questions based on topics such as: Relationship, Jumbled words, Coding/Decoding, Multiple choice question,  Antonym and synonym, reconstruction of the sentence, one word substitution, Odd one out, common sense and alphabet test, Arithmetic questions.

Non-verbal section in Officer Intelligence Rating Test consist of questions based on topics such as: Which figure is different from the other, Completion of series, Locate the concealed figure, Fill in the correct figure.

SSB OIR Test Sample Questions

SSB OIR Test Sample Questions

Numerical Ability – Officer Intelligence Rating Test

Q. By how many degrees a minute hand rotates in 45 minutes

  • 90o
  • 180o
  • 270o
  • 45o

Absurd Statements and Statement Justification – Officer Intelligence Rating Test

Instructions: A statement has been provided in the question; choose from the option if the statement

Q. Milky Way is galaxy from which we get milk when it rains

  • True
  • False
  • Probable
  • Absurd

Similar Cubes – Officer Intelligence Rating Test

Instructions: Find if the following cubes are similar or not, choose yes or no from the option


Officer Intelligence Rating Test

(a) Yes

(b) No

Cube Sets – Officer Intelligence Rating Test


Officer Intelligence Rating Test
  • Cube A
  • Cube B
  • Cube C
  • None of the above

Last Digit – Officer Intelligence Rating 

Q. Write the last digit of the smallest number from the following given

467922, 468910, 461093, 497252


Series Completion – Officer Intelligence Rating Test

Instruction: Choose the correct alternative and complete the given series

Q. 1, 3, 5, 7, ___

  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11

Coding and Decoding – Officer Intelligence Rating Test

  1. If in a certain language, DELHI is coded as EFMIJ, how is BOMBAY coded in that code ?

How to Prepare for Officer Intelligence Rating Test

The common misconception about OIR test is that it didn’t get much weightage as compare to PPDT in assessment. It is a set of both verbal and nonverbal reasoning test. The candidate has to solve more number of questions in less time. Candidates have to atleast clear this exam with minimum cut off marks no matter how well his/her PPDT has gone.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to Officer Intelligence Rating test preparation, candidate has to go through the syllabus and pick the topics one by one and start preparing for it, more a candidate practice on the topics the better his/her performance will be. The questions asked in Officer Intelligence Rating Test are very basic and can be mastered with a little bit of daily practice.

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  1. satya prakash

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    Hey hoon are you Bletty hidibsheo S n snssnsuebe Shssvsshsss gzjsbsekhse e Jsbbsvdbnd Puzzle Answer it Bsbsbsjsns Jvsbbsjsbbsbs
  3. Sbn

    Sounds good
    1. Keshor

      What is the answer of decoding question
  4. Akash

    all the questions except that of the cube is simple,how can we solve it .
    1. Aryan raghav

      Rotate it 90° so the face on the right side will hide and a new face appears.
  5. Himanshu verma

    Can any one help in solving similar cubes question. And the concept we need to use in solving such kind of questions?
    1. Ratan Laishram

      Yes, cube has 6 faces, two of them are similar, tell me if I wrong
  6. Bhawana

    HNQYGT Is the answer of last question
    1. vikrant raina

      how you got this answer please whats app me the trick...7338559315.
    2. likhith

      How did u get the answer plz what's app me how you solved it. +91 9945622506
    3. ako

      wrong hai
    4. Shagun

      Can you just explain the logic please?
    5. rahul

      the logic is the letter after the one other for example D E L H I E F M I J so the answer for B O M B A Y would be C P N - - -
    6. Rohitr

      bro ...explain me .....
    7. Kabir

      The options provided are wrong, it was a test & you failed!!
  7. Tushar Sehgal

    The answer to the last question is CPNCBZ.
  8. Anchy

    last question is wrong
    1. PRIME

  9. akash tyagi

    Last question needs improvement
    1. Ashtuosh verma

      yes yes . whats your answer.
  10. Sudama

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    Sir i want to buy oir book from where i will get it
  12. abhishek

    last question is wrong ..i can bet
  13. parth

    can i know the answer of last question and the about cube set

    1. parth

      the answer is EMNXDS
    2. AMOL

      Last question is correct but option are wrong. Correct ans is CPNCBZ. as u can see in word DELHI, next alphabet is taken like after D comes E, after E comes F, after L comes M and so on. So in case of BOMBAY, after B comes C, after O comes P, after M comes N, and so on.
  15. swati

    plz explain cube set
    1. rohit

      Rohit Joshi I will teach u

      i think first question of cording nd decording is wrong because there is no right option.the right answer is CPNCBZ
  16. Shreyansh nigam

    I think so that the options of 1 questIon of coding decoding is wrong as bcz there is no right option that matches so plz make it correct .. According. To me answer is CPNCBZ
  17. Iqbal Singh

    The last ques is actually wrong. Delhi has been coded by simply placing the next letter instead of the original one. So Bombay should be starting with a C, but it ain't hence its wrong.
  18. RD

    I mean the ans of coding / decoding
  19. RD

    How it will be 4th option...pls explain
    1. payal

      options are wrong correct answer is cpncbz
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  24. madan

    Can you please tell me the answer of the last coding/decoding question.
    1. saket mishra

      hey madan,answer is as simple as all questions that is 4 option

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