TGC 132 Cut Off Marks – Technical Graduate Course

On 8th Oct 2020 Indian Army’s official website has published the cutoff marks for TGC 132 Technical Graduate Course – 132 Cut Off Marks. Engineering Defence aspirants who have applied for TGC 132 can check the cut off for their respective branches. Only candidates who have cleared the TGC 132 cut off will be called for the TGC 132 SSB InterviewTGC 132 Vacancies and Cut off – Technical Graduate Course 2020. Applications are invited from unmarried Male Engineering Graduates for 132th Technical Graduates Course (commencing in Jan 2021 at Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun) for permanent commission in the Indian Army.

TGC 132 Cut Off Marks

  • As always, Mechanical has the highest cut off marks i.e. 81%
  • Lowest cut off for many branches is 50%
  • Total notified TGC 132 vacancies are 40.

TGC 131 Cut Off Marks

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TGC 132 SSB Interview Date

  • Candidates who are shortlisted can check their TGC 132 SSB interview date and venue on the official website now.
  • Only candidates who meet the TGC 132 cut off marks will be called for the SSB interview.
  • Shortlisted candidates will get the option to select the TGC 132 SSB date online at join Indian army website.
  • TGC 132 SSB Interviews will start from Nov 2020.
  • TGC 132 SSB interview will be conducted at SSB Allahabad, Bhopal, Bangalore and Kapurthala.


  1. Sachin Dhobi

    Sir I have to arrange own by myself or what coz its my first ssb ?

    i have not much idea about ssb interview can any body send me all information regarding this any website or link?
  3. Aditya Shrivastava

    I have cleared the cut off in Mechanical. Mine is more than 81, still I didn't get any mail, message or even options for selecting dates. But I have been alloted Allahabad SSB centre. But dates, or mail, absolutely no idea. Please help regarding this. I am also student of Ssbcrackexams.
    1. Sbv Aravind

      Even I am also allotted to Allahabad
      1. Shyam sundar

        Same here! Dates are pre- selected Can't we change the dates?
    2. Hemant

      same goes with me I have cleared the cutoff but I didn't got my SSB dates
  4. Ujwal Bawane

    I don't know whether i am shortlisted or not, i haven't received any call or mail from Indian Army, could u please clear it??
  5. Tejan Chaudhary

    I have cleared the cut off but I haven't received any communication from the army yet.
    1. mohit

      go to ssb dates all entries and select ur details ,it will show ur name if u have cleared cutoff .i also didnt got any mail
      1. Aditya Shrivastava

        But dates are not coming in that section right? . I am also facing the same problem. I have cleared cut off but no mails, messages or anything
      2. Pulkit Gupta

        I received the mail today but pls can you tell more information about the ssb?
  6. Gaurav Malhotra

    I didn't get an option to select my ssb date and was sent a mail that date has been selected. What can I do in this case?
    1. Shubham

      Completed my graduation in chemical engineering. But filled TGC with nuclear technology and got SSB call. Should I go ? Am I eligible ?
  7. Prabodhan

    Exactly!!.. Same issue.
  8. Prabodhan

    Exactly!!.. Same issue
  9. Rohit Raghuwanshi

    I didn't receive any mail nor I can see my dates on official website. I have cleared the cut off.
    1. Shyam sundar

      Copy that. On Monday I'll call or mail them regarding this issue
  10. Shivam Chandel

    TGC ENTRY is once a yr or twice?
    1. Shivam

  11. Jithin

    Is tgc 132 2021 passed out students can apply
    1. Shivank

    2. Shivam Maher

      Yes....age should be between 20-27 years
    3. Sbv Aravind

      Even I am also allotted to Allahabad
  12. Shivam Chandel

    Is there any limit to the number of tries or is it up to as many tries until the age limit( for TGC entry. Also, If one clears the cutoff ,is it guaranteed he'll get the ssb call letter or is it based on whoever makes the top percentile
    1. Vikram

      Firstly - it is upto the age limit . Secondly - if u clear the cutoff then definitely u will get ssb call letter . Hope u r clear Thankyu
      1. Aditya Shrivastava

        I have cleared the cut off, but still I haven't received any mail, letter, dates, message etc. Any idea?
        1. Shyam sundar

          Let's contact them on Monday.
    2. Rahul

      Same issue of cuttoff
    3. SG

      i have 76.8% marks, and i got the call
      1. D F

        What is your stream and which year u r in?
  13. Aayush nema

    When next, TGC entries be taken ?
    1. Pragya patidar

      Technical entey is not for female

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