8 Things Repeaters Keep In Mind Before Going To Next SSB Interview

Hello Aspirants !! Hope you all are doing well. Today I will start this article with a common phrase which we usually listen to from the Repeaters who recently got Conference out, and that is “Yaar is baar to sab shi Kiya tha, pata nhi kyu nhi liya yrr”. But the question here is do they really perform all good or there were some mistakes they did, which their mind is not accepting.

The answer is simply that, whenever some get conference out, there are certain mistakes done by him. And most of the time candidates do not take it seriously and have to face some more rejection. So, the better option will be for them is to follow some rules/guidelines which could save them from further rejections.

So, today we will be discussing 8 things that repeaters could keep in their mind before going for their next SSB, which might help them in their selection. They are as follows:

  1. Learn from Previous Mistakes: It is often said that if you want positive results differently then don’t commit the same mistakes again. Our failures always have some teaching for us and what you can do here is think about your mistakes and make proper plans accordingly so that you can never repeat them. Like if you got screened out must focus on your narration and the quality of the story. The story must relate to the picture.
  2. Self-Introspection is the Key: There are many times when we suddenly do not realize our mistake but if we sit in a silent place with a calm mind and think of the whole situation again then we surely come up with a more clear picture of our good points and weak points. And this is what Repeaters can do to focus on their mistakes and try to improve them.
  3. Make efforts on self-improvement: If you are being rejected by SSB, then you need to make sure, That there are still chances of improvement in your personality. Self-improvement consists of Enhancing general awareness, communication skills, etc. Try to focus on daily happenings by reading English newspapers daily which will help in our communication skills too. Reading editorial portions gives you an insight into some case scenarios and later on you too can judge your own opinion.
  4. Keep your morale up: The more we are confident the better we will perform. The same happens while doing the tasks at the SSBs. Watch some motivational movies/shows or some defense action movies a day before the SSB or while the journey. This will boost up your morale and ultimately will help in your SSB.
  5. Enjoy the SSB procedure despite taking it too much seriously: One thing that I have noticed in many repeaters is that they take the SSB too much seriously and they do not enjoy anything inside it. But what they need During the SSB is that try to remain as calm and cool as possible. Don’t bother about the previous task/test when you are given a new task/test. The more freely you will give the test the less stress you’ll feel.
  6. Review your SD and PIQ form: Check out your SD and PIQ form and give a practice shot before leaving for SSB and ensure you know each and every detail about it. Always try to give the Right information in both of these as they are very helpful weapons in deciding your destiny into the SSB.
  7. Ensure Revision about your stream or Service: Sometimes it happens that we forget the technical portions, subject related to our stream. That’s why revision plays a vital role. If you have your hand notes, you can revise through it or you can use the internet for revision. Ensure to revise about the service that you have applied for as it will help you in Interview as well as will give you motivation too.
  8. Remember your Parents, and Close ones: Before going for the SSB interview meet your mom and dad and pass good quality time with them. You can also swipe your photo albums and galleries on your phone. It will give you positive vibes.

Remember your recommendation is not only based on your performance in any single test but it depends on your combined efforts during the whole 5 days long testing procedure. So, just feel happy and cool. Feel like you are going on a trip for five days where you have to perform some tasks. Taking these points with yourself you will surely perform to the best of your abilities.

Thanks For Reading. Good Day !!

Bashu Tiwari

    Intern at SSBCrackExams. Recommended from 4 AFSB Varanasi and 19 SSB Allahabad NDA AIR-49. Secured all india rank 26,137 in JEE Mains and 18,000 in JEE advance.

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