Things That Defense Aspirants Are Doing Wrong During Their Preparation

Hello, Young aspirants!!
Today I want to discuss a serious issue that I have noticed commonly in the defence aspirants. It is about the things and activities that they are doing in their routine life and having a drastic impact on their preparation. These points that are mentioned will hit them hard unlike anything and for those who are walking the same path, they may get aware of what is being told here.

Stop Social Media Discussions And Hustle In Real Life
Overindulging in politics and holding useless discussions on social media sites won’t do any good to you. It’s futile and doesn’t contribute to your personality enhancement in any way. Rather form a group either in your city or virtually on any platform to coordinate among each other and hold Group Discussions on platforms like Google Meet. If physically present and reachable, then hold periodic meetings with your group and work on your communication and interpersonal skills along with physical fitness as this will tell you how to maintain group dynamics. Many of you might be knowing or have parents or relatives from armed forces, then step up and introduce them to your friends and conduct sessions where they can provide them with inside knowledge about the working, functioning, and discipline of the forces. WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram debates won’t improve a damn thing and won’t either contribute to your persuasion or moderation skills.

Rely On Official And Credible Sources Only
Asking the doubts from various people on social media who have been recommended, Conference out or remotely associated with the armed forces is not that reliable from the perspective of authentication. Rather you should be trying to do their in-depth research from various official sources and websites such as SSBCrack where each information is put after a very rigorous cross verification. Instead of studying the 50-page notification of the exam that covers almost everything, why do you run from person to person for basic knowledge that you can already get from the notification? Approach anyone only when you have exhausted your limit for your own research from various sources. Be self-sufficient by ending your reliability on other people.

Be Your Own Motivation
Looking for motivation through movies, actors or similar concepts only won’t sustain for long. Not denying the role of movies like Lakshya but being overly trenched in various web-series and movies won’t be fruitful. Motivation should come from self and the fire should ignite in your own heart. Who can be a better ideal than your parents and Indian Military heroes? Revere them and study them while trying to imbibe what they used to practice in behaviour. Don’t go for the fame that they got afterwards but aim for the hard work they did before reaching there.

A Single Standard Format Isn’t Applicable To All
Not understanding the fact that each candidate has different education, family, income, upbringing and mentality is one big mistake that everyone commits. What has worked for him/her may not work for you as candidates are measured on the above parameters and it forms a different profile for each one of them according to their details. Therefore, no standard format for Interview or Psychology can be developed for all of the aspirants. You will have to find out what works for you by yourself or with the help of a good mentor or any credible source.

Be Your Own Support System
Relying on fellow defence aspirants or various recommended and conference out candidates for their psychological tests’ assessment. They are not experts and can just speculate about your responses and that’s why one shouldn’t follow them blindly. Though they can give you a general perspective about things that’s not equivalent to a technical point of view. Do your own research. Stop getting spoon-fed.

Stop And Think
Stop getting influenced by social media trends and famous personalities as it’s distorted. Most of them have alternate propaganda and influenced by their own political leanings. Focus on self-growth alone but be aware of your surroundings. Believe in your views, learnings and stand by your belief system, yet accommodate flexibility if there is any chance of improvisation. Nothing should be concrete, at least not your views. Make healthy competitors and not enemies.

Don’t React But Analyse And Then Respond
Don’t react but analyze and then respond. I see most of the aspirants start reacting to any major incidents or issues that are happening at the national or international level and start forming perceptions about them while projecting unrealistic possible actions. What they don’t know is that anything that comes in media or social media websites, may be fabricated to suit any ideology’s agenda. That’s why it is necessary to wait and do an analysis of all the aspects of any issue. Keep patience for some time and then respond or maybe not at all on social media.

“He, who cannot look over a battlefield with a dry eye, causes the death of many men uselessly.”

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