Tips for AFCAT AFSB 2 2017 Interview Psychology Test

What is SSB interview Psychological Test

Candidates who have cleared the day screening test are thus forward formed in to groups of 8 to 10, generally one SSB interview batch consist of 5-6 groups each group having 8 to 10 candidates.

SSB interview Psychological Test

Psychological Tests are conducted to check the response of the candidates on the usual conditions which they face on day-to-day life. It helps in recognizing the candidates various emotional and behavioural reactions on different degrees.


Sections of Psychological Test

1. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): TAT consists of set of ambiguous pictures that will be shown to the candidate, while looking on these pictures candidates must create a theme like a story which requires a hero and a challenge, how the hero will overcome the crisis and succeed.

In TAT a candidate will be asked to write a story from his own based on the images shown. A candidate shouldn’t just use his memory blocks and start preparing a story, he/she needs to see that every third or fourth line there is different meanings are coming, try interpretation and analyze those meaning as third person because that meaning shows candidate’s state of mind.

2. Word Association Test WAT: To simply put this test observe candidates imagination and evaluate his/her qualities of individual ideas. In this test candidate will be shown a word and he/she is required to form a meaningful sentence using that word. On seeing a word there might be different ideas in candidate’s mind related to that word but he/must must write the first spontaneous reaction in your answer sheet.

3. Situation Reaction Test (SRT): Situation Reaction Test (SRT) is another test at Service Selection Boards in Psychologist series, this is test of candidate’s common sense, he/she will be given some situations that occur in daily life and their answer will help the Psychologist to judge candidate’s mentality.

4. Self-Description Test (SD): SD is the last test in Psychologist test series at Service Selection Boards. It may be the last test but as important as the first one, this test con s the finding of Psychologist about a particular candidate which he makes by the previous tests like TAT, WAT and SRT.

This test gives an idea to the Psychologist regarding how deep the candidate has knowledge about him, weather he knows his Qualities and Shortcomings or not.

In this test the candidate is required to write 5 paragraphs on What his Parents, Teacher/Employer, Classmates/Friends, Candidate’s own opinion about himself and what qualities he would like to develop for the future.

Tips for AFCAT AFSB 2 2017 Interview Psychology Test

  1. Listen and adhere to the instructions carefully and properly.
  2. Clarify all doubts you have before the commencement of each test.
  3. Be as imaginative and spontaneous as possible.
  4. Give your first reactions to the stimulus shown to you. Don’t think twice as there is no right and no wrong answers to the situations and everyone is likely to respond in his own unique ways.
  5.  Write your responses clearly, in a simple language.
  6. While writing responses your ideas must revolve around the situations or stimulus given to you.
  7. Be realistic and logical in your responses.
  8. Be attentive and alert and keep a track of time.
  9. Do not use coached/tutored ideas while responding to psychological test battery.
  10. Do not be unduly anxious. Keep yourself calm and relaxed.
  11. Do not hesitate on seeing the actual problem shown to you.
  12. Do not create mental sets about pictures during the run up to the SSB as it may restrict your spontaneity and creative imagination.
  13. Do not wear watch or look out for time, you may end up wasting your valuable time.

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