6 Tips For The NDA Aspirants To Prepare For Written Exam

NDA is at the helm and as you all know that it is one of the most esteemed defence entrance exams that help candidates in achieving the dream of donning military uniforms. Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force conduct SSB Interview after this exam where it is decided whether you will be a part of this elite academy or not. The exam is conducted twice a year but due to COVID 19 situation that has changed the worldwide phenomenon has also impacted the way UPSC conducts this examination.

This year instead of twice a year, the exam is being conducted on a single date for both the NDA 1 2020 and NDA 2 2020 entrance and that is basically subsequent batches to each other. So, let’s dive into some details and try to know what may help you in preparing for the written exam as well as the SSB interview.

1. Read the notification like a story
The major problem that many candidates face is regarding lack of clarity and information about the NDA written exam as well as the SSB Interview process. The detailed notification that is released by UPSC every time has all the necessary information that a candidate requires to move ahead for the exam process. It will help you in understanding the exam pattern as well as the all-around details of the syllabus that will give you clarity of thoughts regarding the subjects. The notification includes important details such as important dates, eligibility criteria, marking scheme along with exam pattern, exam centres, vacancies, documents required, and also the further process after you will clear the exam.

2. Analyze the previous year question papers
It is very important to go through the previous year question papers in order to understand the subject wise pattern and inclination of the exam. You cannot enter a battle filed without making a strategy as you will be having a lot of casualties then and maybe the mission objective will not be achieved. Similarly, how can you go for the exam until and unless you haven’t identified the pattern of the exam and what subjects are projecting what kind of questions? If you can do the analysis then it will be very easy for you to study the relevant topics as you will know which topics need what kind of prioritizing and the amount of dedicated practice. While you are at it, try to attempt a few mocks at the beginning of your preparation as well at the final stage of the preparation as it will give you a comparative data about your growth in the times of preparation. Unfortunately, if you didn’t succeed then you will be having a readymade formula that has worked the last time and you will have to devote less time in certain things in the subsequent attempt. You can do a quick revision of your last strategy and a comparison of your growth and you are all set to go.

3. Know your subjects well
The maths paper requires rigorous practice and at the same time, the candidate should have a very good understanding of the basics because you will need speed as well as accuracy to score good marks. For English, it is very important that you develop a very good reading habit in order to comprehend the basic grammar rules. Reading books apart from the course and daily reading of newspapers will not only improve your vocabulary but will also boost your current affairs that are being frequently asked in the SSB interview. You need to collect study material for the same and it is advised the NCERT books are a good start for all subjects such as Maths, English, Science, and GK.

4. Make a strategy for the written exam
While making a strategy for the written exam, the very first emphasis should be upon time management inside the exam hall. Many candidates lose marks because they are not able to prioritize what they should be doing first in the exam hall. You should flip through the pages for 2 minutes in order to see the contents of the question paper. It may happen that the topic you are good at has a good portion in that exam and if you will attend to those questions then you will be at a good place as per as marks are considered. Similarly, it may also happen that you started from the beginning and the initial portion is filled with some topics that you haven’t practised well or faced challenges while solving them. It is sure that you will then lose a good amount of time in tackling those questions while the topics you are good at are sitting safely unchallenged and unattended.

5. Mental and Physical well-being is a must
When you exercise it releases certain body hormones that not only make you feel confident but will also give clarity of thoughts along with good health. Good health in terms of mental as well as physical brings productive results. Getting enough sleep before the exam day is a must and that’s why you should reach the exam centre city a day before in advance. You can look out for some friends in that city and stay at his home or is there are any acquaintances then ask them to help you out in finding affordable accommodation for a day. That will not only allow you to get acquainted with a lot of things but will also allow you to recall what needs to be done the next day.

6. Seek Good Online Courses
You shouldn’t venture out during these times when not only travelling activities but academic institutes are also closed. This is a great time to try new things that technology has brought at your steps such as Online Courses. Taking NDA Written Online courses will not only give you access to full-length quality lectures but will also provide the facility to take standardized mock tests for comparative study and growth. You can take multiple quizzes after each lesson in order to ensure the full understanding of the subject along with creating your own customized lesson plans. You can check out the course content along with other important specifics at SSBCrackExams.

The SSBCrackExam NDA Written Online courses can also be accessed at SSBCrack Exams app available at Google play store.

Aspirants should be aware of the entire scenario like the frequent merit-out issue that many candidates face. NDA exam, SSB Interview as well as subsequent training life demand a high level of dedication and goal-oriented approach. Only passion driven by clarity of thoughts and continuous working on one’s personality can enhance the chances of not only clearing the written exam but further along in getting the recommendation too. Though the world is facing a serious pandemic issue and the impact of which must be in your daily lives be it psychological or otherwise but you will have to stay away from any sort of distractions.

Hope these points will be helping you out for the upcoming NDA Written exam. Jai Hind

Arun Singh

Intern at SSBCrackExams. Advocates for logic and rationale, a beginner in trekking, a poet at heart, cleared a few CDSE and AFCATs, went to a few SSBs and pursuing MBA.

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  1. Shridhar shivappa giddanavar

    Sir I request you how to prepare the NDA exam
    1. Nikam mahadev Uddhav

      NDAkava ahena
  2. Utkarsh

    How many attempts do I still have according to my date of D.O.B ( 26-09-03 ) ??
  3. C. Arun Kumar Reddy

    Sir , Now iam purchuing 4 th B. Tech at Electrucal and Electronics Stream. Am i Eligible for NDA or not. Please clarify me
    1. Shridhar shivappa giddanavar

      Sir I am studying puc 1year .I am eligible in NDA exam
  4. Bhaskar uikey

    Sir, I am studying in class 12th I want to know some information about Navy technical entry scheme 2021 and eligibility.
  5. Pawan

    sir, I have a serious problem my mathematics is too week and l have 2 attempt attempt I work very much on it but doesn't worked Please Tell me however I get better marks in this It will be essential Data that how to do creak nda examination as well as good So thanks a lot for update These kind of information bust our moral
    1. Shailendra Bisht

      Just go for the tips and tricks. Solve as much sample papers and previous years paper as you can. And at last just learn from your mistake. Firstly take a look on the questions that you attempted and went wrong, then see their solutions and see that how they're solved and practice those questions again. Thank you.

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