Tips To Emerge As A Leader In GTO Testing Technique


GTO testing in SSB Interview determines major conclusions and assessment about any candidate and that’s why they get excited as it involved group activities based on group dynamics and of course, adrenaline rush. GTO tasks are different than other two testing techniques as here the candidate will bring out his true self through a series of activities where he will be put to pressure with or without his group and also his reasoning and logical ability will be put on a test. The leadership qualities will show in confirmatory tasks and his practicality will be assessed. Most of the candidates go prepared with the help of practice material such as books, articles and videos but rarely the tension and pressure can be felt anywhere else except the GTO ground.

Interview and psychology are individual based tasks and they don’t need working in a group but your performance in the GTO depends a lot on various factors such as the first and initial impression on your group as well as on GT officer. It is mandatory to be in the good books of your brethren with whom you are going to share the two days of the gruelling GTO.

To positively influence your group members and to look sharp in front of GT officer, it is necessary to appear attractive in certain terms which will enhance your performance and will boost your confidence. A leader attracts the awe of his followers by his action and ideas, and in the same way in the GTO tasks for you to be a leader among your group members, you will have to create followers.

You will be with your group for 2 days and even after the testing hours and that’s why it is necessary to maintain a good group dynamics to ensure cooperativeness. You should be able to positively influence your group members and look sharp in front of GT officer. It is necessary to remain active, agile yet firm in certain terms which will enhance your performance and will boost your confidence. A leader attracts the awe of his followers by his action and ideas, and in the same way in the GTO tasks for you to be a leader among your group members, you will have to create followers by your actions.

We can implement a number of preparatory techniques before and during the tasks that can enhance our chances to emerge out as a leader during the GTO testing.

Be Aware Of The Helping Material And Knots
We can place balli and plank at certain angles but what use a bridge is without being tied properly. The knowledge of knots will make your actions quick and even without an idea at times; you can be visible in the front solely by your skills and without even trying hard. You should also be having good knowledge and practical workability of the material handled to you by the GTO. This will get you appreciation from the group who is stuck at a certain point and will establish the fact that this candidate has his basics together.

Practice The Basics Of GTO
We learn about the basic principles of physics in our school but rarely we apply them in our daily life and that’s where most of us get stuck in the obstacle task. You should be having the basic idea about the functioning of the fulcrum and the cantilever and should be hands-on with the basic plank, rope and balli. It will give you an edge over the other candidates when they will be at the difficulty of generating and implementing in successive stages of GTO testing. We all know whom which candidate to call as a subordinate in CT as we always expect some unwarranted help from those who are swift with the plank and the balli. When others are at their saturation point of giving ideas to solve a task, be the first one to respond and hence be the problem solver.

Prove Yourself As A Leader
It happens very often with most of the candidates during the group tasks that they have an idea in their mind but to make it happen you need to properly project it to other team members, convincing them is almost winning the battle. This projection of your idea and furthermore implementation should be of such clarity that it is received in its original form. Speaking with clarity and speaking in an effective manner will bring appreciation from your group members and will mark your strong presence in the group for the GT officer. Communication skills and the power of expressions are of prime importance. If you want to lead your group then you will have to be clear in your words as well as in your actions.

Contribute Quality Wise
The group members always listen and support a person who speaks quality matter in the form of his/her views at critical junctures of the discussion and listens to the views of other members too. Try to put yourself into others’ shoes and think from their perspective too for you may get insights from an alternate point of view as you are not there to prove people wrong. A healthy group discussion leads to the emergence of qualities while a chaotic one sabotages the entire purpose of conducting it. It isn’t a test of your knowledge as such and rather how is your conduct in the group. A good team member contributes and derives quality from a group and that’s what makes it attractive for others to follow.

Execute decisions with efficiency
Analytical ability with proper reasoning and logical intent will make your group understand that this candidate means serious business and to counter his arguments they will have to bring something concrete and much more logical. Such actions create inquisitiveness in the mind of the GTO officer and he tends to focus on those candidates who are showing good leadership capabilities. For example, during GPE group discussion when others are stuck in prioritizing the problems or are messing up with the time and distance factors, at this time you should step up and show them alternate ways of solving the problems by properly evaluating the distance on the model and depicting the accurate time factor at places.

Your Turnout Speaks
Turnout and dress code for the entire testing during 5 days including the dress you should wear during your stay is also mentioned in the call letter. You will receive the dress code for the GTO tasks, maintaining a dress code is a thing that is not taken lightly in the armed forces. Adhere to the rules. Many a candidate reaches on the grounds with not proper attire and instructed dress code and thus faces the wrath of the GTO. Being an aspiring officer in Indian Armed Forces, dress accurately but at the same time also look for such quality clothes that will allow you to perform physical tasks easily. If you are going to be an officer then dress like an officer. There is a saying that, “Dress to impress” and it fits everywhere as you want to leave an impact of your personality of yours and what is better than to dress impeccably.

Extend Help Because You Want To
When the Group Obstacle Race is in full action, nobody wants to remain behind but a few candidates need the support of those who are quick and agile in aspects of physical condition. Being at the peak of your physical fitness will help you in not only crossing all of the obstacles without any injury but will give you a chance to extend a helping hand for the group members. That’s what group bonding is like and this is sure well looked by the assessors and your group members. The basic rules should be cleared and briefing by the GTO should be paid utmost attention.

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