Top 10 Tips and Tricks To Crack SSB Interview Psychology Test

Here are 10 important psychology tricks you can try on assessors and other candidates during your SSB:

Top 10 Tips and Tricks To Crack SSB Interview Psychology Test

  1. Never give the data first, Give a story: Although data is always accurate people tend to believe in stories and overlook data. So when you are giving someone some data, give it with a story first.
  2. Be a person of your word: Always be a person of your word. Always keep your word. This isn’t some trick. This is just the basic thing to make people trust in you
  3. The Argument weapon: When arguing with someone, act much calmer than them. This can cause them to say something particularly irrational which you can use against them. Do it when in GD or other group tasks.
  4. The Epic search technique: You adapted reading from left to right so while searching something in a page or anywhere search from right to left. It will drastically reduce the chances of missing something.
  5. Arrive early the first time you meet someone: It’s not punctuality issue or anything, it’s just that people will think that you are more interested and invested in them when you arrive early.
  6. Giving a bold presentation: If you want your presentation to stand out and to make people think that it was bold, give an effective presentation without pictures. Add cool stories, plot twists, opening icebreakers, humorous self-mockery and end your presentation on a rather serious note. This can be tried out during the PPDT and Lecturette.
  7. It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say: No matter how harsh your response to something is going to be account into other people’s feelings and know how to express and explain. Even the deadliest things can be explained with ease if you maintain the phase of the conversation in an excusable way. This could help you in GD, lecturette or even interview.
  8. Notice the eye color when you first meet someone: This is a textbook psychological trick. Every post about psychology tricks contains this. The explanation is really simple. If you try to observe the person’s eye colour you obviously are going to have to look into their eyes for a second or two. People tend to trust people who maintain eye contact. Try this on the interviewer during your Personal Interview.
  9. Show your dark side: Nobody trusts a person without a dark side. You want to make someone trust you! Reveal a small amount of your dark side. A childhood tragedy or a relationship went wrong anything. If you are really that sane and don’t actually have a dark side make up a story. People will trust you more once you share the dark side that’s been bothering you. Try this at the interviewer at your own risk!
  10. Know where to stop: This is a continuation to the above but can be treated as its own point too. Know where to stop even if you are revealing your dark side or anything else. You never overstay your welcome and that applies to conversations too. Do all your tricks while you are welcome and always keep an eye about where and when to stop.

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