5 Toughest Military Training Academies in India

India has one of the biggest defence systems in the world. Military academies like The National Defence Academy, The Officers Training Academy, The Indian Military Academy, The Indian Naval Academy and The Indian Air Force Academy are top military training academies in India.

Cadets that graduate from these training academies are inculcated with Officer like qualities and are the nations finest who form a part of the Indian Armed Forces.

In this article, we will discuss five of India’s toughest military training academies.

Toughest military training academies in India:

National Defence Academy

Established in 1954, the National Defence Academy is the joint defence service training institution for the Indian Armed Forces, where cadets of the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force are trained together before they join their respective fields.

The academy is located at Khadakwasla, Pune and spreads over 7,015 acres.

To join the academy, one needs to clear the entrance exam and the five-day SSB Interview. Further, a medical examination is carried out to determine whether or not the candidate is fit enough to join the academy. If you clear all three stages, you get enrolled into the academy.

For the first time ever, women candidates will be enrolled into the academy and will train alongside men.

The duration of training is of three years, after which cadets join their respective field training academies, like Military Academy, Naval Academy or Air Force Academy, for further training in their field.

During your tenure at the National Defence Academy, you are holistically developed. From physical fitness to mental training, education, theory, drills, combat, etc., everything is covered from end to end.

The National Defence Academy should be your top choice if you wish to join the armed forces.

Officers Training Academy

The Officers Training Academy is a training institution of the Indian Army that trains officers for Short Service Commission.

It was the very first institution that started training men and women together.

Established in 1963, it is situated in Chennai and Gaya, and is spanned over a 750-acre campus.

The academy trains cadets for all branches of the Army, apart from the Army Medical Corps.

Candidates who wish to join the academy have to appear for the Combined Defence Services Exam, after completion of their graduation, and clear the SSB Interview. Once a candidate clears the entrance and the interview, they are called for the medical exam. If all steps are cleared, a candidate is enrolled into the 49-week course at the Officers Training Academy.

Cadets are trained in every aspect; whether it is golf, riding, shooting, combat, theory papers, drills, etc., the academy makes you physically and mentally stronger.

The upper age limit to join the academy is also comparatively higher which makes it an attractive option for many.

The Officers Training Academy is a fine and one-of-a-kind institution.

Indian Military Academy

Founded in 1932, the Indian Military Academy is the oldest Military Academy in India. Situated in Dehradun, the academy trains cadets for the Indian Army.

The motto of the academy is ‘Veerta aur Vivek’ which translates to ‘Valour and Wisdom’.

Spread over a 1,400-acre campus, cadets are trained in the field of academics, weapons training, combat, sport, leadership, drills, and a variety of fields to make them the finest officers of the Indian Armed Forces.

The upper age limit to join the academy is 24 years, which is why many opt to join the academy after completing their graduation.

One can join the academy after clearing the Combined Defence Services Exam, the SSB Interview and the medical exam.

The Indian Military Academy is a disciplined academy and produces the finest gentlemen cadets.

Indian Naval Academy

The Indian Naval Academy is the service training institution for the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard.

The academy is located in Ezhimala, Kerala and is Asia’s largest and the world’s third-largest naval academy.

The Naval Academy was established in 1969 and follows the motto of ‘Vidyaya Amrtam Asnute’ which translates to ‘Become Immortal Through Knowledge’.

Training is carried out in academics, physical fitness, aquatics, shooting, weapons training, combat, team-building and leadership.

To get admission into the academy, one has to clear the entrance exam, the SSB Interview and the medial exam. Since seats are less, competition is high.

Cadets are enrolled in the academy for a period of four years where they undergo a professional B-tech training curriculum aimed at improving their technical expertise.

The Indian Naval Academy is one of the most reputed service training academies in the world.

Indian Air Force Academy

Established in 1969, this premier institution trains pilots, ground duty and technical officers for the Indian Air Force.

Spread over a 7,050-acre campus, the academy is located in Hyderabad.

One can either join the academy through a brief training period at the National Defence Academy or can directly apply by clearing the Air Force Common Admission Test, AFCAT. Further, one has to clear the interview along with the medical exam to get admission into the academy.

The duration of training is 74 weeks for the flying and technical branch, and 52 weeks for the non-technical branches.

You are trained in the fields of physical fitness and academics. The Indian Air Force Academy produces some of the finest pilots.

Discipline is kept on a high regard, which is why the Air Force Academy is extremely reputable.

The above article lists the five toughest military training academies in India.

All the military academies differ in terms of training and academics. But, one feature that binds them is the strong, disciplined, and fine officers that they produce.

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All cadets graduate with Officer like qualities and are the nations elite.

To be a part of the Indian Armed Forces is a matter of pride.

No matter which training academy you go to, you will be well versed in academic material, weapons training, combat, physical fitness, mental fitness, team work, hard work, discipline and leadership.

I hope this article was informative.

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