8 Ways To Improve Team Bonding During GTO Tasks

Hello Aspirants !!! The whole stage 2 of SSB could be divided mainly into three tests which are The Psychological test, The GTO test, and the Personal Interview test. Among these three, the candidates only get a chance to perform in groups during the GTO tasks which also makes it very adventurous and full of joy for the candidates.

Though the main question arises here is whether team bonding is important for performing good in GTO tasks or simply a candidate while performing all the things alone can crack it. The answer simply could be that if the Bonding between the candidates in the group is good, then it increases their chances of getting recommended. Also, team bonding is Important during GTO because in this the Testing Officer somewhere and somehow also assesses how a candidate performs in a group or whether the candidate is Co-Operative or Not?

So keeping this in mind we have provided below some ways to develop[ good group Bonding. These things could be done by Candidates:

Before The GTO tasks

  1. Talk with Other Group Members: Communication through words is a powerful tool that we could use to Know about someone deeply and exchange our thoughts. Talking with the group members and talking about the common Interests and goals helps to make a good Bonding among candidates.
  2. Play Games With Them: Playing the games with other candidates whether outdoor and indoor gives us a chance to know more about them and their thinking process. This could help us in understanding them quickly. Also, the teamwork done by candidates during these games could help them in GTO Too.
  3. Go Outside for Fun with Them: It is a hard saying that, If you want to know someone efficiently and then you should go out with them for some time and this also helps the candidates here.
  4. Make Strategies With Them: Candidates from the same group can make some good strategies between them in advance which could lead to good Co-ordinations Between them. For example, they can make a strategy for the snake race as it will help them to perform it well.

During The GTO Tasks

  1. Give Chance to Everyone during Group Discussion: Speaking One by one during the Group discussion could improve the possibility of Team Bonding during the other tasks of GTO.
  2. Motivate Each Other: When the tasks are going on try to maintain eye contact with other group members and if Someone feels underconfident, you can motivate him by Nodding your head a little and boost his confidence. You can also motivate your Group members while maintaining good eye contact during his lecturette.
  3. Coordinate with The Group: Try to go with the group and help each other during PGT, HGT, GOR, etc by Passing helping objects and if you are stuck on any obstacle then automatically go back and give chance to other members to execute the solution.
  4. Help Each Other: While in the Group Obstacle Race there will be many candidates which would not be able to climb the walls or perform any of the obstacles, in that case, you can help them in completing the particular ṭasks. Also constantly boost their confidence.

So, these were some of the common and main points one could keep in his mind to improve his bonding with the other team members. The main idea behind Group Bonding lies in the fact that it helps in the easy-processing of all the GTO Tasks where everyone will get a lot of chances to participate equally. It also increases the chances of Recommendation of all the group members.

Thanks For Reading, Good day.

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