What Are The Different Categories Of Security? [X, Y, Z, Z+ & SPG category]

In India, security cover is provided to well-known individuals whose lives are in danger as a result of their employment or celebrity. Various levels of security are offered based on the intelligence agency’s information in order to protect people from such anti-social elements.

What are the different categories of security X Y Z Z and SPG category

The security category is divided into five groups and awarded to a person once the hazards have been assessed. Security classifications include X, Y, Z, Z+, SPG, and others.

VIPs and VVIPs, athletes, entertainers, and other high-profile or political personalities all have access to such security.

While Z+ is the highest level of protection, the most powerful people in the country, including current and previous prime leaders, receive additional SPG covering. A permanent guard for 11 people is assigned to the Y category, which is made up of two Personal Security Officers (PSOs).


This is India’s fifth critical security level, and its protection cover comprises two security professionals, both of whom are armed police officers.

It is offered to several people around the country by a single Personal Security Officer.


It is India’s fourth security level, and the protective cover comprises an 11-member crew, which includes 1-2 NSG commandos and police personnel.

It also comes with two PSOs. Many people in India fall into this category of security.


The protective cover comprises a 22-member crew, comprising of 4-5 NSG commandos + police personnel, and is India’s third-highest degree of security.

I supplied Z level protection to members of the Delhi Police, the Indo-Tibetan Police (ITBP), and the CRPF, as well as an escort car.

Baba Ramdev and actor Aamir Khan have been assigned Z security.


It has the second-highest level of security protection. This security coverage protects a 55-person workforce, which includes 10+ NSG commandos and police officers.

Each commando has received expert martial arts and unarmed combat training.

This security protection has been offered to dignitaries such as BJP President Amit Shah, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Union Finance Minister, and others.


The Prime Minister of India, former Prime Ministers of India, and members of their families are afforded this degree of security everywhere on the globe, since it ensures their safety.

Following the death of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, the need for this level of protection became apparent.

It was established in 1988 by an Act of the Indian Parliament.

The Central Government has complete control over the SPG Group. The unit’s commander, known as the Director, is an IPS officer who is in charge of the unit’s command and overall supervision.

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