Why Do Officers In The Indian Army Carry A Baton (Stick)?

The majority of us have seen numerous Indian officers walking around with a stick. These officers typically have higher positions. Let’s determine what kind of stick this is.

What is a Baton?

A baton, often referred to as a swagger stick, is a short, thick object that resembles a stick and is typically constructed of metal or wood. A field marshal or other such high-ranking military official typically keeps the baton and carries it as part of their uniform.

History of Baton

The Roman Empire is where the Swagger Stick first appeared. The Roman army’s wine crew was holding this stick at the time. But the First World War is where it first gained modern recognition. The British Army’s officers thereafter adopted the practise of always having this stick on hand. These poles bear the marking of his regiment. This stick was crafted from polished wood.

Swagger Sticks were carried by commissioned military officers in the British Army and other Commonwealth nations, particularly by the commanders of infantry regiments. People used to wear it with barracks garb as well. The Indian Army’s combat and supporting arms officers typically carry a baton, and its use dates back to the time when the British Imperial Army of India was stationed there. This baton is a representation of authority that derives its sanctity from the monarch’s sceptre. The tradition has been upheld ever since these sticks were in the possession of an officer with authority during that time. Here, his capacity for management and planning gives him authority. He ought to be allowed to run a sizable portion of the Army.

Why do people use baton sticks?

Its primary function is that an individual with such authority is an officer.

When retiring from the service, an officer hands it over to the incoming officer. Additionally, different regiments use various sticks. They can differ in colour, metal cover, or design. This stick is a requirement for the Indian Army’s uniform.

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