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Why Eye Contact Is Important During SSB Personal Interview

Eye contact is considered one of the most important techniques to impress your Interviewing Officer. Being an effective speaker is not only good for you in the SSB, but also...

Eye contact is considered one of the most important techniques to impress your Interviewing Officer. Being an effective speaker is not only good for you in the SSB, but also in the various aspects of life.

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Why is Eye contact important?

While talking to someone and looking into the eyes of the person, shows how confident you are about what you are speaking. Various other qualities such as leadership skills and boldness are also reflected in eye contact.


In SSB interviews, some tasks like Interviews, Lecturette, and Group Discussions eye contact plays an important role because for example in the Interview looking straight into the eyes of the interviewing Officer shows how confident you are of what you are speaking and in the Lecturette while delivering your lecture and looking into the eyes of the candidates, it shows how well prepared you are of what you are speaking.

The IO looks into your eye just to force you to speak the truth. If you are ready for eye contact and look back in his eyes and speak, it’ll be a win-win situation for you. Many tend to forget what they were speaking when the IO looks them in the eye.

Significance of eye contact in terms of Psychology.

  • It is said that when a candidate is moving his eyes in the right movement, he or she tends to be creative in his/her thoughts and chances are that he/she is deceitful.
  • If the candidate has a Left movement of eyes it signifies that he/she is remembering something.
  • The bottom movement of the eyes signifies that one is low in confidence and regretful of something done in past.
  • It also reflects your honesty because generally, you will see when people lie to you they don’t look into your eyes.

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How to develop Eye contact?

  1. Use a mirror. Have a conversation with yourself in the mirror. Maintain good eye contact with yourself. While talking to yourself, record your voice on your phone, this will help you in looking if you have any fluctuations while speaking and where to improve.
  2. Practice is the key. If you are an eloquent speaker then there is no issue having eye contact with anyone. But if you are not a regular speaker, you will have to build this as your habit. Talk to your friends, family members. Look them in their eyes and tell them if you were having any fluctuations. Make it a point to do so. Start by looking into their eyes for 10 seconds, and then increase the time gradually to 20, then 30, then 40 and finally to 60 seconds or 1 minute. Don’t stare at them uncomfortably or as if you want to pick a fight with them. Try moving back and forth between the two eyes, rather than staying focused on one. Keep focused on one for 10 seconds or so, then switch to the other. Do this with strangers too, like going shopping, ordering something. While ordering have a firm look on your face and your eyes looking straightly into the other person’s eye.
  3. Control your breaths while talking. Sometimes due to our nervousness, our breath goes high which shows that we are underconfident. You should do yoga and some specific asanas to control and have long breaths.
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Tricks for having Good Eye contact.

  • It is obvious that if we look into the eyes of someone, it may intimidate the other person and can turn a pleasant meeting into a fight. So you don’t have to keep looking in the person’s eyes regularly, you can move your eyes while thinking of an answer. This shows that you are natural.
  • Your blink rate of eyes should be normal. Faster blink rates show nervousness and slower blink rates show you are enforcing your eyes into other person’s eyes.
  • What you have to do is to look at the forehead of the interviewer or in between the two eyebrows; this will make him feel that you are looking into his eyes.
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