Crucial Tips To Cure AFCAT 2 2017 Exam Preparation Stress

AFCAT has reached a level where it competes with the big name entrance exam such as JEE, Bank Po, Civil services, applicants of AFCAT are now giving each other cutthroat level of competition and in the process of achieving this level they have to face a mountain load of stress and tension. The stress further causes depression and confusion which effects the end result of the exam preparation so to avoid these kind of circumstances we are sharing Crucial Tips To Cure AFCAT 2 2017 Exam Preparation Stress.

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Crucial Tips To Cure AFCAT 2 2017 Exam Preparation Stress

  1. Make a good schedule for completing all the syllabus which you have. Figure out how many days you have, to study the syllabus, and the subjects you have to read.
  2. Sleep adequate. 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for having a peaceful mind.
  3. While you are studying, take a break if you are feeling tired and your mind starts to wander away.
  4. Physical Exercise: This is one of the best solutions for avoiding tension.
  5. Avoid junk foods, especially avoid meat, fried foods, chocolates and soft drinks etc.
  6. Drink lots and lots of water. It’s good for you and it helps you to think better.
  7. Avoid people that stress.
  8. Don’t make a last minute review just before the exam, because it will cause more stress.