10 Mind-Refreshing Situation Reaction Test Questions

SRT, or Situation Reaction Test, is a Psychology test that focuses on solving day-to-day problems in your own unique way. The test is designed to reveal the candidate’s actual working, thinking, and managing style. There are several SRTs available to assess a candidate’s mental activity in various situations.

The Situation Reaction Test (SRT) in the SSB Interview is one of the four psychological tests which is conducted at the SSB on the second day or at the AFSB on the first day.

To refresh candidates on common SRTs, we have some SRTs that will assist you in practicing and refreshing the theory of it.

  • You are very happy with your life partner, but there is someone else you fancy and the attention is mutual. You will
  • You find out one day that your sister’s marriage is arranged, but she is unhappy because the person she is marrying is not her first choice. You will…
  • You are in love with a girl while studying engineering and you both were good in your studies to get a good job with a good salary, later you came to know that her father was responsible to ruin your father’s business. You will.
  • You are in charge of releasing the salary for your unit because they are on Diwali leave. On the way, the village is rife with riots, and you can’t move your vehicle inroads. There are also chances of looting money if you take alternate shortcuts.
  • He was riding his bicycle when he was involved in a serious accident, which resulted in serious injury to the pillion rider and significant damage to his vehicle.
  • It’s already 10 a.m. and you’re going to catch a train by 10.30 a.m. The average journey time is 30 minutes. You saw a person being beaten by a gang of bad guys on the way. You certainly will.
  • The river was rising due to heavy rains, and he needed to cross it. He…
  • He was walking down a dark street with his girlfriend when 10 armed men approached and began harassing her; the nearest police station was 10 kilometers away. He..?
  • His family had lost everything due to the cyclone and needed a fresh start. As the eldest son, He..?
  • Your neighbor is constantly disturbing you relating to a boundary issue, you will…

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