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10 Tricky Situation Reaction Test (SRT) Questions

The situation Reaction Test (SRT) in the SSB Interview is one of the four psychological tests which is conducted at the SSB on the second day or at the AFSB...

The situation Reaction Test (SRT) in the SSB Interview is one of the four psychological tests which is conducted at the SSB on the second day or at the AFSB on the first day.

Situation Reaction Test (SRT): Why is it Conducted?

A Situation Reaction Test or SRT is a psychological test that is specifically designed to test your responses to these day-to-day situations. By the responses, your personality is judged by how you react to similar situations in real life. All of your responses somewhere stay in your subconscious mind and due to the time and pressure which is building upon you, automatically the original responses are written by you.

Situation Reaction Test

These responses bring out the qualities of clear and logical thinking and quick decision-making. These qualities are very much required for being an Officer in the Indian defence forces.

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Procedure in Situation Reaction Test

You are provided 60 real-life situations in the sheet and you have to give a response to them within 30 mins. However, if the candidate does not understand any particular situation, they may leave that particular situation and proceed to the next situation without wasting any time. A candidate is required to write only 2 or 3 lines in response to each situation.

Some golden tips for SRT (Situation Reaction Test)

  1. Be original, no matter what the situation is, just write down what comes to your mind first.
  2. Never fabricate your responses, the psychologist will catch you very easily.
  3. Keep your responses as short as possible but do not compromise with quality.
  4. Prioritize your actions, if there is a person and animal, choose the person and not the animal.
  5. Don’t write mugged up responses from the books. Build your own original responses.

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10 of the trickiest Situation Reaction Test (SRT) are :

  • 1. You saw a clerk who is asking for a bribe to pass his pension papers as your father got retired, you will…
  • 2. You and your girlfriend were going in a lone Street and a few goons showed up and started teasing her, you will…
  • 3. It was your last SSB attempt and before attending the SSB you met with an accident, you will…
  • 4. Your sister got an addiction to drugs, you came to know this from her friend. You will…
  • 5. Your hostel inmate has a habit of stealing things. You…
  • 6. He wanted to marry his girlfriend but his parents were not allowed, he…
  • 7. While returning from college he was attacked by goons who even pointed a knife at him asking for his bag…
  • 8. His dream was to become a pilot and after his medicals, he came to know that he is unfit for flying. He…
  • 9. He had his first exam the other day and his grandmother had a sudden heart attack, He…
  • 10. You are passing by a lake, and you notice a boy drowning in the water and you don’t know swimming. You will…

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