5 Tips to Ace Snake Race in SSB interview

Snake Race is the fourth task in the GTO series. This is an outdoor task in which you have to carry a load in the form of a huge Snake and with that load, you have to cross some obstacles. You are required to complete the task in a group and within the given time limit.


  • Generally, candidates are divided into 4 groups each containing members of 8-10 members, now this group is assigned a path where there will be some obstacles and they will be carrying the snake.
  • The group is to select a slogan or Nara and have to speak it loudly while performing the task.
  • The snake is to be held by 3 members when they are crossing the obstacle and when all the candidates are passing from one obstacle to another, all the candidates should hold it straightly, and bending the snake will lead to penalties.
  • The Snake should not touch the ground.
  • Candidates must not violate any rules and must not break any colour rule, otherwise a penalty will be imposed.


The obstacles are as follow

  • 1. Ramp
  • 2. Figure of Eight
  • 3. Third is spiders web
  • 4. Double wall
  • 5. Single wall
  • 6. Giant slide


This task shows how mentally fit you are and how much physical stamina you are possessing. Also, the main aim behind this task is to check your team spirit and leadership skills. Other qualities like cooperative skills, enthusiasm, responsibility, quickness, agility, and self-confidence are also tested.

5 Important Tips For GOR.

1. Be the one to take the initiative, help the group in giving valuable ideas to cross the hurdles, and choose a powerful slogan.

2. Never scold or be tetchy with any member, act as a team. Never let nervousness reflect your expression or behaviour.

3. If you feel the group is losing its morale, energize them, use the slogan, and show some enthusiasm. Maintain a calm tone of speech.

4. While climbing up the wall or any other obstacle try to help the ones who are not that physically fit and need help climbing the wall. This shows your humbleness and leader’s qualities.

5. Be the eyes and ears of the group. Be aware of the rules which are broken and take the group along with you.

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