What is Snake Race in GTO Task

SSB Interview contains an outdoor group task called snake race and also known as group obstacle task which is conducted in small teams.

The assigned GTO will explain each task and it will be demonstrated to the candidates before starting.

This test basically checks a candidate’s leadership, teamwork, intelligence, activeness, physical strength, mental alertness, cooperation, responsibility, etc.

Basically in this task each teams will have to cross six obstacles while carrying the snake, that is, a rolled up tent, and it should not touch the ground until the finish line. It is a long snake that should not be rolled, folded or shortened during the tasks.

It is a group task, so team work is very important hence one cannot do it individually and needs to be with the team during everything happening during the task. Shouting or abusing can deduct the chances of making through but one may use positive words to cheer up the team. Helping your team mates which keeping in mind to hold the snake at all times will increase chances of winning.

Teams have the liberty to cross the obstacles in any order they want and there is no specific order to be followed.

The six tasks in Snake Race are as follows

  • Spider Web
  • Ramp and Jump
  • Double Wall
  • Figure 08
  • High wall
  • Rano and Slide

Some preparation tips are mobility everyday, indulgence in sports, yoga or workout, public speaking etc. We hope you work well on yourself and perform well.

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