What Is Pehla Kadam In The Indian Army?

We all have seen many cadets passing out from their academies after the successful completion of their training. You might have noticed a memorial tablet plastered on the ground and cadets crossing it, where its written PEHLA KADAM.

What is Pehla Kadam?

PEHLA KADAM as the name Suggest is the first step towards the new and adventurous life of an Army Officer in the Indian Army. This was formally replaced by our ex COAS General M.M Naravane by ANTIM PAG.

PEHLA KADAM Before 2021, there used to be ‘ANTIM PAG’ or the last step, after the parade which symbolises the completion of their training.

As COAS addressed by his speech, this “PEHLA KADAM” shows that the journey is not over, but it has started for the young officer and this first step will give him the confidence to deal with the forthcoming challenges.

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After the training, crossing PEHLA KADAM or the First step symbolises the beginning of a new life of an officer. All those adventures and thrill are awaiting for them which they will have to face with bravery and true comradeship.

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