10 Successful Tips to Crack INET Exam

INET also is known as Indian Navy Entrance Exam was conducted for the first time by the Indian Navy for officers rank through an online written test, this year in 2019. Earlier, only male candidates were being inducted into the Indian Navy through CDS exam and similarly, both men and women could apply for other direct entries in the Indian Navy. But many aspirants especially female candidates, who have been willing to join the Indian Navy were not getting enough chances in the Indian Navy. However now, the problem has been solved and equal opportunities are being provided to both male and female candidates to pursue their dreams of getting inducted in the Indian Navy through INET.

INET (Officers) Exam is to have four sections, viz English, Reasoning and Numerical Ability, General Science and Mathematical Aptitude, and General Knowledge. Candidates will need to score qualifying marks in each section to be considered for SSB call up. Candidates will be called up for SSB interview on the basis of their performance in INET (Officers) online test and their entry preference. To be considered for final Merit List, candidates would need to qualify in SSB Interview and the subsequent Medical Examination. Merit List will be drawn up on the basis of marks scored in INET (Officers) Exam and SSB marks. Selected candidates will undergo Basic Training at the Indian Naval Academy.

To score high marks in your INET exam, you need to be well prepared with the INET exam syllabus content & simultaneously, follow some below-mentioned tips to succeed in the INET exam.

1. Be Aware of the INET Syllabus

You should know all the topics for English, Reasoning and Numerical Ability, General Science and Mathematical Aptitude, and General Knowledge mentioned in the INET exam syllabus. Prepare accordingly for each topics to be covered under each main section for the exam. Concentrate more on those topics about which you are not feeling confident of. Start preparing and studying for them first.

2. Stay Updated with Current Affairs

You should always be updated on all the current issues happening around the world. In INET exam, GK Paper questions are asked based on current affairs.

3. Practice Your Maths Problems & Remember Important Formulas

Start practising Mathematical problems and questions every day. Write down important formulas in a chart and put the charts in front of your study table. Try to memorize & remember them quite often.

4. Do Not Get Intimidated by Grammar & Vocabulary  in English

Don’t worry about remembering English Grammatical rules & vocabulary. Take the help of good English Grammar books & Vocabulary books available in the market. Do not start memorizing them, but use them in the form of writing and conversations to get familiar with them. Also read the grammar rules everyday & try to learn 10 new words daily. Take the help of Dictionaries & Thesaurus to learn & know better.

5. Think Logically for Reasoning

Reasoning is easy if you get the concepts clear & if you are thinking in a logical way. Start practising & solving out puzzles and questions of Reasoning like playing a game, and it will be quite a fun to score full marks in Reasoning.

6. Manage your Time Accordingly

Time management is a difficult thing to do in the examination hall if you have not done so while practising the questions back at your home. So start managing your time from now. Keep a clock at your desk, set a stopwatch in the clock or in your mobile, while you are solving questions at your home. Divide your time accordingly as INET Exam will need you to solve a total of 100 questions from 4 sections in 2 hours.

7. Start Taking Online Mock Tests

As the INET exam is an online test, you need to practice taking mock tests online once you are well acquainted with all the topics of the exam syllabus. Online Test is a different mode of exam procedure than the usual pen & paper testing method. Hence you need to be well aware of the online mode of exam, its pros & cons before your D-day.

8. Give Equal Importance to All Topics & Questions

Remember, all questions are important. As each section in the INET exam will consist of 25 marks amounting to 100 marks in total, you should also not forget about the qualifying marks for each section. While you need to score at least 20 marks each in English & Reasoning and Numerical Ability Sections, 10 is the passing marks for General Science and Maths & General knowledge, each. Therefore it is better not to take any topic lightly and to give equal importance to all the topics and the sections, while preparing for & taking the exam.

9. Practise Sample Question Papers

Your preparation mantra for the exam should be ‘Practise! Practise! & Practise!’ Practice will make you perfect and will lead you to your success. Try enrolling for the INET online courses for your exam at ssbcrackexams.com & learn about all the topics for your exam in a clearer & easier manner, anywhere, anytime & at your own pace. Clarify your doubts & strengthen your weaknesses in the complex subjects. Also register for the course & never miss new updates & notifications for your upcoming INET exam. What more? You can also solve a range of sample question papers, take short quizzes & online mock tests as a part of your exam preparation.

10. Follow a Daily Study Plan

Schedule your daily study plan and stick to those plans. It is not necessary you should study 9 to 10 hours on a regular basis. But try to have a study plan and work accordingly, while focusing on important topics & a lot of practice.

Success never comes easy. One has to work hard to taste it.

Keep faith in yourself & believe in your dreams.


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