5 Common Mistakes To Avoid In SSB Interview

As we all know, making mistakes is not a bad thing, and there is always something to learn from every mistake. In fact, I personally feel that they are an essential part of our life and success too. But learning from other’s mistakes is always a wise thing to do instead of doing one by yourself. Knowing the mistakes that others have done previously and doing the same mistake by yourself is always a foolish thing to do. We know that doing mistakes for the first time or repeating the same mistake done by someone earlier is not the right thing.

Talking about the mistakes, some mistakes should not be done by the candidates during the whole SSB Interview procedure as it may affect their results in one or the other way. Being knowing the SSB a little bit; I am here to tell you about five common mistakes that I have seen are commonly made by the candidates.

1.Follow the Instruction Properly

Whether a candidate gets call up for SSB for any entry, they are always provided with the set of instructions about the whole SSB procedure. Though also I never understood but either due to overexcitement or overconfidence most of the time candidates did not follow them properly and had to pay a prize of it at the end. There are various mistakes that the candidates could do by not reading the instructions correctly. First one is by not arranging the proper documentation which could also be responsible for their revert back to home on the very first day itself. Second is that many candidates who are freshers and also even repeaters do not carry proper dresses with themselves and later ends up by asking others. Not only this, but the candidates should also carry their accommodations according to the climatic conditions of SSB Center. As in SSB, these mistakes may put your personality in the wrong direction and shows your careless behaviour. So, be careful about them.

2.Avoid Cutting in PIQ and Use of good Handwriting

As we know that after the students get screen in, they are provided with a PIQ form which needs to be filled by the candidates. That PIQ form is considered to be a significant part of SSB as it is said that those are provided to each assessor before we meet them. So, those PIQ forms build a preimage of candidates in their mind. But, what I have seen that many students do not fill those PIQ form correctly and do many cuttings there. So, these cuttings always give a wrong impression to the person who is seeing it. Not only this, but the candidates should write in proper handwriting in the psychology test also. More cutting shows the carelessness and nervousness behaviour of the candidate, and it will not suit for the armed forces.

3.Stop Mugging up Things

Another mistake by the candidates is that they always try to mug up the Words, Sentences and the stories for the Psychology Test. Not only for the psychology test but I have seen for the GTO also candidates try to learn the structures. But I never understood why? The idea behind these tests is to access your personality and not someone else’s personality. Moreover, Mugging up things in the SSB takes nobody nowhere, and candidates responses should be according to the situation where and when there are sitting and try to make their own sentences instead of somebody else.

4.Art of Lying

One of the common sentences that I have listened from candidates after they come from the interview room is that “Interviewer ko kya pagal banaya maja aa gya” but they forget that the person sitting there and taking his interview is not Noob. It is his regular work to interview 5-6 chaps daily. And later they do not get recommend. The basic terminology behind this is that there are minimal chances where a candidate can get escape from the interview after lying from the officer. So you have to be positive and truthful to the interviewer. There might be some things which you would not like to tell the interviewer but telling the lie thing gives wrong impressions of personality.

5.Good Listener

Last but not least. One mistake that the candidates usually do whether it is Psychology test, interview or the GTO test is that they firstly do not adequately listen to what is said by the testing officers and in a hurry start doing the task and later end up doing it wrong. So, firstly they should adequately listen to the instructions as it helps them to perform the tasks more efficiently. Not only this, but this quality also helps to perform well in their group discussions too.

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